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    jools got a reaction from jonnyGURU in Connecting 1060 to an 8-pin PSU   
    why do people go on about 80+ , 90+ , when it only affects tree hugger. That 80+ crap is only about the effiency of the psu NOT its quality
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    jools got a reaction from Rambo in Motherboard bus frequency   
    look for any mobo that takes a i7 7700k but I think you are under the impression that u need a new mobo, u don't.......the base clk freq is multiplied to match cpu speed and its also multiplied   to match ram speeds(eg. 3200mhz 32x100) this is a very rough explanation but generally true...
    ps..........ALL bus speeds are lower than cpu speeds hence multipliers
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    jools reacted to Levent in Does 5.1 channels work in music?   
    it all depends what kind of media player you are using, also some sound cards can upscale the audio channels to 5.1 (afaik all realtek cards does that) without depending on the media itself. That being said you can actually output 5.1 audio if you have an audio file that is encoded for 6 channels, if you want 5.1 audio without depending on software tricks.
  4. Informative
    jools got a reaction from The_robotics_guy in DELL POWEREDGE 2560 HELP   
    pretty old  m8.............personally id ebay as parts starting at 0.99p ....there mite be sum retro builders out there
  5. Informative
    jools got a reaction from The_robotics_guy in DELL POWEREDGE 2560 HELP   
    also they are very loud when running , like a hoover
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    jools reacted to NoobCase in Removing decal from maximus 8 Gene   
    Apply heat with a blow dryer or heatgun. Then remove any residue  with alcohol
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    jools got a reaction from Uptivuptiz in how to format hard drive   
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    jools reacted to MineNightOwl in What is happening with the clock speed?   
    That's just GPU boost doing its job, make sure you're on the latest drivers, and as long as its staying past 1500 it technically doesn't have to go any higher. 
    Your temps are also quite high, I wouldn't recommend overclocking, it probably dropped to ~900 to lower the temps a bit. 
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    jools reacted to GoldenLag in PSU Sugession   
    This will allow for OC and possibly SLI. Its a good PSU.
    If arent running SLI you can grab the 650/750 watt version of the same PSU
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    jools reacted to Pip313 in Geforce GTX 1050ti in Dell OptiPlex 790 mini tower   
    The factory one. 240w I believe. You really can’t upgrade those psu’s.
    but even if your cpu is 90w and the gpu is 75w that still leaves you 75w for a Hdd, motherboard and ram. Which is fine.
    remember the 75w tdp isn’t what it actually uses it’s what the heatsink is rated for. 
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    jools got a reaction from Crazycatman in Aluminum CPU Block?   
    copper has better cooling properties than aluminium
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    jools got a reaction from 0x1e in [URGENT] Computer problem   
    as lurick sez you may have blown more that one part.....
  13. Agree
    jools reacted to Lurick in [URGENT] Computer problem   
    That computer is dead as can be and you'll have to test each bit by itself to find out what's truly dead but you'll be lucky if you didn't fry the board and CPU together.
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    jools got a reaction from Lee of the LAN in Weird question, so I turn to the internet for answers.   
    make it dual bootable as Lenovo suggests , problem solved.....ps I prefer win7  over win10
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    jools reacted to Lenovo1984 in Weird question, so I turn to the internet for answers.   
    Ahh, I see. As for your question, I'd partition your drive and use Windows 10. No point in using something older. 
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    jools reacted to RollinLower in GPU not using all of its ram :/   
    because it will only need to use 4GB to run the benchmark. if you run a heavier benchmark or on a higher resolution you should see the VRAM usage go up.
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    jools reacted to tikker in Why do people hype up FreeSync?   
    Is there a hype around FreeSync? It's just that FreeSync is free and we see it in pretty much any monitor versus the extra $200 or so for GSync. I don't see a con anywhere nor a hype.
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    jools reacted to VVoltor in Pc Mainboard beeps 4 times NO post   
    Google is your friend.
    Tell him how to reset CMOS, and check the battery is still okay.
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    jools reacted to Crunchy Dragon in New build is up   
    Moved to Build Logs.
    Pics or it didn't happen.
  20. Agree
    jools reacted to huilun02 in Budget 1080p monitor for new PC Build.   
    Well there are plenty of 1080p IPS options available
    That's pcpartpicker US. I see you're in the UAE where prices differ. Hopefully what you have there roughly correlates to the prices in the linked list.
    There is no pcpartpicker or equivalent price comparison site for UAE I believe.
    I have never been to India or the UAE.
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    jools got a reaction from kirashi in Shitty hard drive speeds   
    also hdd slow down when they are nearly full
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    jools got a reaction from Jaok in Looking for a 100$ gaming headset   
    g930 ebay oldie but ok
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    jools got a reaction from BagelBeagle in Two of the Same RAM sticks running at different speeds   
    ram may require under tweaking or slight overvolt, this is where I leave you .good luck finding stability
  24. Agree
    jools got a reaction from paddy-stone in Two of the Same RAM sticks running at different speeds   
    that sez running at 2800mhz ....2x 1399.7
    try manual settings for ram in bios....use xmp2998 settings(but don't use auto) and 1.35v
  25. Funny
    jools got a reaction from Damascus in Anyone know what this is?   
    its a bad taste carpet