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  1. Well idk what happened with mine because I did the cloning and swapped the hard drives but when I went to load up a game it tried to look for it on the old drive and couldn’t find it. And when I tried to directly load it through the new clone it would load up. Any ideas?
  2. After cloning a hard drive do you need to re-install the games that you cloned on to the new hard drive?
  3. pretty sure it was my fault. ive got one of those anti static bracelets.
  4. So my motherboard is fried so I ordered a new one. Is there anything I need to know when replacing my motherboard.
  5. i know that i have an issue with my ram when its not booting up. i just tried clearing the cmos multiple times and it still wouldn't boot up. what is my next option?
  6. what do you mean when you said to clear my cmos?
  7. I've got the b150 pro gaming aura motherboard that has a troubleshooting feature with led's that indicate where the problem is when booting up. It stops at the ram led and when i checked the ram on of them had a burn spot on it along with a burn spot on the dimm slot. I tried using another stick of ram in the other slots but it still wouldn't post. Do I have to buy another motherboard?
  8. ok i'm thinking about this one. is there something better? https://www.amazon.com/ZOTAC-GeForce-DisplayPort-128-bit-ZT-P10510A-10L/dp/B01MCU1ERO/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1507076503&sr=1-5&keywords=gtx+1050+ti
  9. I just bought an hp 6300 pro and wanted to upgrade it with a gtx 1050ti, some more ram and a bigger hdd will the stock 240w power supply be able to comfortable support the system or will i need to get a bigger one.
  10. Ok what would be a good pre build old pc that I could get for like $100 or less that I could slap some parts in it?
  11. So I have an old gateway laying around, it's got an amd athlon x2 7450 dual core CPU. Would it perform "well" if I were to just put in a gtx 1050ti, some more memory and a better power supply?