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  1. A collab video with SwiftOnSecurity to explain how to make a Windows PC run sanely-ish. As a bonus, to preserve his anonymity, the tips and steps to reg entries/policies are given by Anthony.
  2. M1 testing with World of Warcraft. Looking at the new tests of M1 Apple laptop reminded me of the native test you ran with World of Warcraft last time you tested it around. In fact, WoW has pretty varied performance requirements - from running on a potato (aka an average computer from 2004 - back when it was released), all the way to taxing even a modern decent machine. If you want to run it as a test for a modern laptops, you need to move to a more recent zone (Ideally Shadowlands and ideally a current raid tier in a 25-person raid - you could easily get
  3. Self-made bluetooth speaker revenge, but a collaboration with Hexibase - a proper audio engineer youtuber: https://www.youtube.com/user/HexiBase.
  4. Seeing Linus building a lot of budget/mini but no compromise PCs, I would really love to see a dedicated budget build for people who need to do scientific computing. A notable application is Machine Learning. Some ideas: - GPU price/performance for Neural Network training (Pytorch/Tensorflow). There is definitely a ladder between a GTX 1650 Super and an Titan RTX (or a Quadro) - Intel vs AMD similarly-priced processors performance on BLAS/LAPACK/Sparse BLAS + Numpy/Scipy/C++/Fortran benchmarks (eg large matrix inversions) - An Anthony special for Linux and scientific lib
  5. In the end I tried out an X1 my colleague had - and it just didn't make me dream. The McBook Air however... So I am finally going with that one, despite the concerns. Will report back after testing it out properly.
  6. So you would really be rather into the ThinkPad X1 Carbon? Good mention - for some reason I overlooked it. The T490s look like they could fill the bill pretty nicely with all the niceness of X1 but better battery life. Thanks for the in-depth insight. I've never used a Mac and usually do the heavy lifting with a separate linux partition. Not that I have anything against it, it's just getting used to working with them will definitely take time I am not sure I want to invest in it. I was actually thinking about a MBP for myself, given that that's what most people in my la
  7. So. Over the last couple of years I have been working mostly on my own laptops (Asus N series over last 7 years, Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming over the last year and a half), hauling them around with me and using both for work (a lot of text, programming, some data crunching) and for gaming/media. I have been mostly happy with my choices, with a particular appreciation for Dell's insane battery/power and decent transportability/durability/keyboard (although I do miss Asus' Bang&Olufsen speakers+subwoofer quality). For whatever reason, my current employer is insisting
  8. Roombas vs cheaper alternatives face-off, a bit like for the keyboards.
  9. Hello everyone, I am quite new to the whole audio domain, not having paid too much attention to it before. One of the reasons for it was me having used for the last six years an Asus N56VZ laptop with integrated sound developed buy Bang&Olufsen/ICEpower, that sounded just great and was loud enough to fill the studios and small apartments where I lived. At this point, however, it is starting to slowly fail, mostly due to the included subwoofer's cable being torn into pieces. I am hence looking for a replacement that would provide a c
  10. not sure how that hdmi + avi sound dongle can help the issue
  11. I am currently looking for a soundbar that would be compatible with a monitor that I have, that, unfortunately, is not equipped with any audio output channels. Fortunately, it has an HDMI input port, currently used for a Chromecast stick. As of now, the idea is to find a sound bar with an HDMI input and an HDMI output, plug the Chromecast into the soundbar and use the HDMI output to feed into the TV. Have anyone around here tried this? is it even possible? If yes, what would be reasonably priced soundbars (<200$) that could support such an approach?
  12. Main concern is to have it auto-update to respond to threats after an initial installation - just to avoid the internal network to be compromised.
  13. I have received a request from a friend on how to best set up a VPN in order to access an office NAS while on the move. In order to avoid exposing the internal network to the external environment, I thought they would need a router/firewall that would manage VPN access and prevent the unauthorized access to the internal network. However, here's the catch - none of them are really competent in system or network administration nor do they have access to anyone that would. Hence the question: what would be the best router/firewall I could recommend them that
  14. I am looking for software for Windows 10 that would be able to manage multiple HDDs to backup to (redundancy) and would automatically track and backup only the most recent files. I currently do my back-ups manually, but remembering the HDD rotation and folders to back-up is getting more and more tedious. As of now, I am not considering any cloud back-up (I like to know where my data is) nor to NAS (already have a Synology NAS scheduled to buy once I have funds available) nor do I need any advanced features, such as encryption, password protection or other (everything s
  15. After watching the "Logging in with a USB key (U2F explained)" TechQuickie (and thanks for it - it finally made the interest of the thing clear to me) I have a question that is left. For the case where I lose the U2F token, is there a way to introduce redundancy with a second U2F token? Such as using a backup Yubikey? If yes, do they need to be configured as independent U2F tokens? Or can there be one-use backup codes such as with the RSA generator tokens?