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  1. The build quality on the AMP and AMP Extreme is pretty good. I love mine, I had to buy a bracket thought because even with armored PCIe slots, the AMP Extreme was still sagging
  2. Hmm...that's odd. Try a fresh install because I can do +175MHz on the GPU core clock with the same card. It runs at 2100MHz
  3. As Prysin said, a single 1080 could max out GTA V at over 60 fps. If you want to get a 2 1080s in SLI or a Titan X, then go ahead. I was just basing my answer off of your requirements.
  4. Honestly, I've read the whole thread and some of this stuff that you're saying just isn't making sense to me...but to answer your original question...If you wanted to set the draw distance all the way up to eat up the vram then you would need a Titan X because that is the only Nvidia Geforce card with more than 8GB of vram. As others have said though, this is complete overkill for 1080p and it's not needed at all.
  5. Have you looked at the temps of the GPU? VRMs could be overheating. If that's the case then you could have one of EVGA's affected units. I doubt it'd make that huge of a difference but it could be an issue.
  6. Did it just start happening randomly or has it been doing that since it was installed?
  7. I run a 1070 on the predator x34 and it runs Gears of War 4 on ultra at 60+fps...some dips under 60 though. I'm about to try Titanfall 2 in a few. 1080 would be better but 1070 is definitely enough to handle the resolution. I have H1Z1 but havent played since I bought the monitor. Overwatch plays over 100fps on epic settings.
  8. There is probably a setting in those games that you have enable that's limiting to 60FPS, however, to be dipping down to 20-30 FPS in Gears sounds odd...I'd think the CPU would be fine but maybe it is bottlenecking. If you can, try to overclock your CPU.
  9. I was using Overwatch as an example, there is a different setting from V-sync that can and will cap your FPS to your monitor's detected refresh rate. That is what I was saying..so yes, I was reading. Did you run Firestrike or Timespy to compare your results like another poster suggested? Also, to answer an earlier question you asked about overclocking the memory. Go into the BIOS and find where your XMP profiles are and select what speed you want to run. Apply the settings and make sure that the system detects all of your RAM and that it applied the speed you wanted. If it does th
  10. We'll if it helps, 2 founders edition 1080s is roughly equal in power to 3 Titan Xs so I'd assume 2 Strix 1080s would probably be better than 3 Titan Xs Courtesy of JayzTwoCents:
  11. So that doesn't seem to be the problem. at least in my opinion. I'd double check all the in game settings to make sure everything is correct and to turn down whatever form of AA it is, because you don't need it to be x8 or x16 on 4k. I'd make sure it's off or x2. Also, I'd double check what you're referencing because 50+ fps on GTA V on a 1070 doesn't sound possible .
  12. What's the speed the GPU is boosting to at 100% load?
  13. Haha it's no problem. I'm guessing using HDMI worked then. If so then it's like I said, the other cable or adapter is bad.
  14. If that still doesn't work then check your pins on your socket just in case one of them got bent.
  15. The RX460 you have doesn't have an hdmi output?