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  1. So I was given the choice of picking 4-5 prebuilt machines that have been slightly upgraded already, but I don't know which ones to pick. I need help picking the best ones from the lineup. the choices and spec are below: OPTIPLEX 3040 Processor Type: INTEL CORE I5-6500 / Speed: 3.2 GHz / Memory Speed: 1600 / Memory Type: DDR3 / Size: 8 GB OPTIPLEX 3040 Processor Type: INTEL CORE I5-6500 / Speed: 3.2 GHz / Memory Speed: 1600 / Memory Type: DDR3 / Size: 8 GB ProDesk 400 G3 Processor Type: INTEL CORE I5-6500 / Speed: 3.2 GHz / Memory Speed: 2133 / Memory Typ
  2. Ok, so I've had a zotac amp 1060 since it pretty much came out but in the last year or 2 my screen would start turning off for a second and turn right back on. I have overclocked it in the past but nothing heavy and I didn't keep the overclock for long either. I have tried different cables so I know its not the cable and i put in a different gpu before and it wont do it with that gpu so I know the monitor is fine. any ideas what it could possibly be? Also when I turn off my pc and turn it back on it won't do it for awhile but once i start watching youtube or playing a game it start
  3. ignore the part about the pin. I was being dumb and realized thats how its suppose to be but the rest is still accurate
  4. hey so I'm not too knowledgable about fixing bad gpus but about a year or so ago I bought an msi armor rtx 2070 (original not super) and it worked fine for a while but then I started running into problems like specific games wouldn't launch with that card install and the games that would launch had horrible artifacting and horrible framerates. The last time I had it in my pc it just straight up wouldn't give a picture. I took it out and started inspecting it and noticed one of the pci pins seem to be broken, its half the length of the rest. anyone know what and how I should go about fixing thi
  5. I need some help. I'm trying to help out a friend who bought an AMD RX570 they had it for awhile and worked fine but out of the blue when they go to launch a game the whole pc freezes and has to hardshut down it. the computer works fine when we throw my gpu in it so it only happens with this one. does anyone have any ideas for how to fix it? if its a physical problem where on the card where could it possibly broken?
  6. Hi everyone. I have an old S7 edge and an original droid maxx both of which the screens are destroyed and I was originally planning on trying to repair them but as time has gone on I realized I just don't have the time for a project like that so I just want to sell them. problem is I can't wipe the phone due to the screens being broken and even if they weren't I dont remember the passwords. does anyone know any free software out there that would let me wipe the phones (or any button combos that would wipe them) it doesn't matter if it saves android or not the phones will be sold as scrap
  7. Yeah I knew the power supply should be enough but I wasnt having any of these issue until after I installed it. I just tried to play fallout new vegas for the first time since the switch and I can't play it on ultra anymore without it crashing. before I switched my psu I could. I realize that game is already a buggy mess but this is one is happening consistently. I also was trying to play the old force unleashed games and they won't run any higher than 2 frames a second
  8. So recently I had to replace my psu because the fan in it had died. I happend to have another one I used in a build several years ago that was a 500w instead of my old (now broken) 600w that I used to replace it. Everything was working perfectly fine for a couple of days, no issues what so ever, then randomly my monitor would lose connection to my pc for a second or 2 then come back. I first thought that it just might be a driver issue since I hadn't updated to the newest nvidia drivers so I did then it seemed fine for a day or 2. It started happening again today and I tried seeing if it was j
  9. I'll keep that in mind. I really don't have a budget besides as cheap as reasonably possible. I don't know server parts very well and so I don't know what a realistic price range is. if it's possible to get one under 500 that would be amazing but I feel like thats way to low for what I want it for
  10. So I'm constantly running out of space on my gaming pc, my parents own their own business and I'm thinking of starting my own and I don't want to keep messing around with upgrading harddrives and having to transfer all data over. I'd rather just have it all in one location. (I'm guessing I wouldn't be able to run a game through a NAS but I have a lot of other random files on my PC that are taking a lot of my space up). I've built several PC's on my own so I get the general gist of building one, I just don't know the more specialized hardware I'd want and especially the software that's involved
  11. I tried playing dauntless tonight and it crashed onced again but I got the actual error code this time. here it is Assertion failed: [File:Unknown] [Line: 198] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG') Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shipping Dauntless_Win64_Shippi
  12. I believe I bought the SeaSonic FOCUS Plus Gold. I can't remember off the top of my mind and I can't remember where the box is and i don't really have the room to open my pc to look at it. my exact GPU is the MSI armor RTX 2070
  13. So I have had my PC for about 2 years now and I've had little to no issues with it, but a couple months ago i upgraded to the rtx 2070 and it was only a month or 2 later where i started experiencing lots of issues with games and my display. ever since I got it my games show lots of artifacting and will only stay open for a short period of time before crashing and the crash report always says something about a fail in rendering or missing engine assets (ive uninstalled and reinstalled the games several times and even did a full system wipe to no avail) I've also wondered if its possible my psu
  14. So I received an Ipod touch a few years back, stopped using it and gave it to my brother and now have it back. originally I didn't remember the passcode so I went to reset it. after I reset it I got to the activate screen and I can't for the life of me remember any of my login stuff since i almost never use any apple product. Could anyone help me or tell me how much I'll probably have to pay the apple store to get it removed?