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  1. Sadly mostly everything is blocked through our schools wifi. Youtube, Tek Syndicate, etc... but LTT is unblocked so that's what I do whilst I am in study hall. (PS my school has a standard issue ipad 4 for every student)

  2. We'll ever since I built my PC I added in x5 blue led cooler master fans... After a year it seems to me that it's a mistake the LEDs are annoying and I want fans that look better and push reasonable air for a price...was thinking about replacing all my fans for some corsair sp120 so 8 sp120s any suggestions?

  3. Well my rig has a Phenom x4 @ 4ghz 965 C3 and currently I believe to suspect bottle necking with my GPU, i have a 7950 overclocked and when i'm playing games such as battlefield 4 or 3 on 64 man games I seem to have frame drops compared to 32. I also can not stream with this CPU at all i've tried streaming Bioshock infinite a while back and my frames in game were 90s and my stream was only getting approximately 15. IF i were to upgrade to an FX 8350 will I receive a better performance increase?

  4. So right now my system is running with a Phenom 965 x4 @ 4ghz (with C3Stepping), and in order for me to get more performance in say Dayz or Battlefield 64p games, i will also need to upgrade my cpu.. but on top of that i am getting into streaming, so i need a CPU that can handle streaming to its most potential..

    (the board will stay the same)



    i5-3570k with GA-Z77x-ud3h http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128544




    i7-3770k with the same board? any other suggestions will be very much appreciated.



    *note my GPU is a Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950 windforce*