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  1. Sadly mostly everything is blocked through our schools wifi. Youtube, Tek Syndicate, etc... but LTT is unblocked so that's what I do whilst I am in study hall. (PS my school has a standard issue ipad 4 for every student)
  2. Usually I sit in my study hall at school with nothing to do so I usually listen to music and browse the forum on my iPad. Care to share for curiosity?
  3. G2A.com gives you a valid key..theyre not going to ship you discs, ive gotten several games from G2A.com.. just download a iso burn to disc and then use your key you bought to activate...
  4. We'll ever since I built my PC I added in x5 blue led cooler master fans... After a year it seems to me that it's a mistake the LEDs are annoying and I want fans that look better and push reasonable air for a price...was thinking about replacing all my fans for some corsair sp120 so 8 sp120s any suggestions?
  5. Just LOL'd in the middle of my study hall from that comment.
  6. I usually try to play seriously on csgo but I am more into the breakout maps, I can play whatever steam- lerner1272
  7. Instead of having LFG for "looking for a group"s description it should be E-Harmony For Gamerz PS CSGO player - Lerner1282 *steam* Origin - ThatGuyLerner
  8. You can save money on windows 8.1 on G2A.com its where i find some of my game sales. https://www.g2a.com/microsoft-windows-8-1-standard-32-64-bit-cd-key-global.html
  9. I play BF4 have my own personal teamspeak too if you guys would be interested. Steam - Lerner1282 , Origin - ThatGuyLerner
  10. I believe 620 should be enough... anyone else care to elaborate on this subject matter?
  11. i thought max read was 560 or something like that... if it was possible i would give maximum of 700. ask him if he lined his SATA cables in cocaine
  12. I believe just about any case that Apevia has put out is pretty horrendous.
  13. Well currently that will be the only one I am saving money for since it is my AMD build.. Next year I am building a Nvidea/Intel Build.
  14. Well my rig has a Phenom x4 @ 4ghz 965 C3 and currently I believe to suspect bottle necking with my GPU, i have a 7950 overclocked and when i'm playing games such as battlefield 4 or 3 on 64 man games I seem to have frame drops compared to 32. I also can not stream with this CPU at all i've tried streaming Bioshock infinite a while back and my frames in game were 90s and my stream was only getting approximately 15. IF i were to upgrade to an FX 8350 will I receive a better performance increase?
  15. No problem http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=LED+strips&N=-1&isNodeId=1 there is a link for various LED Strips etc. if they say 1x 4pin peripheral connector that is Molex.
  16. I'm sorry but i face-palmed most modern PSUs will come with around 6 molex connecters i believe yours does you just buy an LED strip / cathode that is specified for PCs and you just plug them in and put them in any section you want to inside your case
  17. I also have good I don't know if I will get cod ghosts I don't play cod anymore..
  18. I dont live by a microcenter unless they can deliver and I dont have all of the money for the upgrades at this moment within 3months ill have the rest of my money for the decision.
  19. So right now my system is running with a Phenom 965 x4 @ 4ghz (with C3Stepping), and in order for me to get more performance in say Dayz or Battlefield 64p games, i will also need to upgrade my cpu.. but on top of that i am getting into streaming, so i need a CPU that can handle streaming to its most potential.. (the board will stay the same) Sugestions.. i5-3570k with GA-Z77x-ud3h http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128544 or i7-3770k with the same board? any other suggestions will be very much appreciated. *note my GPU is a Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950 wi