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Status Updates posted by xAcid9

  1. Poor Mack, I didn't know this is a thing on Youtube. 


  2. RTX is now called VLFRI.



    "It just works"


  3. Pimp my pc, Ah Beng level. 



    1. genexis_x


      so many dust?

    2. xAcid9


      Yeah, artifacting and POST-ing problem. Cleaning this gonna be a nightmare with so many DIY wire joint connectors. 

  4. LOL. Told me to update the launcher and after that want me to download EGS launcher.


    Why can't you have both standalone and store launcher? Fuck that. 

  5. So Epic paid $2.2m for Phoenix Point exclusivity, i wonder how much they paid for much bigger game like Borderlands 3. 

    1. minibois


      You already know it!


  6. Damn Star Citizen is looking really good.

  7. My thoughts and prayers to Christchurch victims. Fuck terrorism.

  8. Anthem 76. lol


  9. Saw some liquid mark when i bust open my 980 Ti cooler, should i be worry? It perform as usual though. 

  10. Spent almost 30 mins troubleshooting why my GPU score is so low in Firestrike, turns out i ran Firestrike Extreme. FML. 

    1. Radium_Angel


      It's not a mistake, it's a valuable learning experience...

      Unless you do it again, then you're it's a boneheaded mistake and you're a bonehead ?

      ya bonehead

  11. Anyone having trouble login into Amazon? ?

  12. EA and Dice went full retard, never go full retard.



    1. TechyBen


      Bullets to the face: Shrug edition, 2018 (GAME OF THE YEAR!)

  13. When u gotta stay productive at the office but already finished all your work for the day.



    20% overclocked for 20% performance increase or a whooping 2 extra FPS. I'm so proud of meself. 

    1. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      What I used to do at my last job was get frying pans and hit ice cream cups across the kitchen. I miss those days. 

  14. Can I sue MSI for false advertising? 


    1.   Show previous replies  2 more
    2. WereCat


      Most powerful graphics card from the group of least powerful ones

    3. Princess Luna

      Princess Luna

      That's a lame advertising

    4. ScratchCat


      @WereCat This would be most appropriate on an overclocked LN2 Radeon Pro Duo, pulling 800+W (power). xD

  15. So, either Creator Update or Nvidia latest driver kinda broke monitor overclocking.

  16. no pray for Turkey? I haz a sad.  :(