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    Gaming, PC building / modding, network configurations, security investigations
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    IT operations


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    i7 6700k (Skylake)
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Founders ed.
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    Fractal Design Define R4
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    WD Black 2TB, WD Black 750GB, Samsung 250MB SSD
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    CORSAIR RMx Series RM850X 850W 80 PLUS GOLD
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    Corsair H115i 280mm extreme cooling system
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    Razer Black Widow X Ultimate
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    Razer Death Adder
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    Windows 10 64-bit

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  1. Hey folks I could use a bit of help with a special project I've been tasked with. I'm decent with Excel but not good enough to write up a dev code to automate a process. I could macro it, but then I'd have to import it every time the report is run (weekly). I wrote a code that takes data from a large spreadsheet, copies it, and adds it to a new worksheet within the workbook. Here's my problem - I'm now having to remove columns within those copied rows. How would I manage this? I'm thinking I can add this code to the existing which processes the copy + open new sheet+paste.
  2. Hey folks! Been a while since I've needed some guidance on tech, so I came to the best of the best (that's y'all). I'm in the preliminary stages of building a home server and I want to dig ideas for an aesthetic. I'd like a wide variety of different designs, so go ahead and flood this post with anything and everything. Mini ITX or Micro ATX will "probably" be the board of choice, but that's up in the air. Could be 1U or bigger ... no dimensions are off-limits. Let's see what y'all got! Thank you in advance to everyone who contributes.
  3. Gali

    Testing SQL

    Thank you for the resources Andy. I'll find out soon enough how the Organization implements SQL - whether Web-based or otherwise.
  4. Gali

    Testing SQL

    Honestly Madknight, it depends what the organization I'm to be a part of uses. Still an unknown for me, so I'm getting versed as fast as possible in a broad range. I've worked with SQL in the past (A long time ago - 7 years I think or something like that), so the basic commands and scripts are pretty easy to refresh. It's the differences in the languages for Database building that I'm concerned with picking up. I know that's really vague, but this early I'm just now picking up from a ball I dropped. Thanks for the resource. Cheers.
  5. Gali

    Testing SQL

    Hey script junkies! I'm just getting started with learning some SQL and looking for a way to test what I've learned already. Are there any easy-to-access mediums to accomplish this? I don't do it for my job so I won't need a professional engine or subscription-based software of any kind. Any input would help. Thanks y'all! ~ Gali
  6. Been a while so I had to look up "ONT". Once I came across "NID" I knew what you were talking about. That would save me a bit of cash if they do install that to the house. I'm looking into it - hopefully they do. My house is small enough that a single AP is fine. If I expand then I may need more than one. As for cabling, I'm on cable right now, forgot to add that into the original post. Thanks Donut.
  7. That's a good questions Speedbird. I'm not sure how they run their fiber - whether it's to the house or from the street. I'll look into it. Why wouldn't a modem/router combo be good. Are they not as efficient as separate units because they're doing both tasks?
  8. Alright dudes and dudettes, so here's the deal. One of my next projects is to run Cat6a lines throughout my house. I'm still working with my ISPs provided modem, which will be switched out soon pending my choice in Modem/router combo. I'm throwing in a network switch beyond that to support all the hard lines going to guest rooms and the such. My question is, being that eventually I'll have fiber run in my neighborhood (possibly soon), I need a modem that will push 'dat Gb', so I've been looking at a couple different models of Netgear's Nighthawk series. Without pulling the trigger
  9. Photo and Video pros! I'm looking into installing outdoor motion security cameras onto my property. I've looked into a couple different brands - namely Nest (Since I already have a Nest home system) and Lorex. If anyone has experience with owning, configuring, or applying this tech I'd appreciate your input. Thanks! ~Gali
  10. Thanks for the info Flamie. I need to check into their progress around Charlotte and the Southern states. The rumor mill was screaming that they halted progress due to extreme cost and I was like ... yea ... sure. Like Google has a problem paying out to have Fiber lines put in. But, I'm always open to the idea of difficulties in business management, so they may have hit a snag with city planning and zoning rights, etc.
  11. Hey Programmers! Initially I had thought the question posed to me was in reference to networking - something I'm way more knowledgeable about than application programming and what not - but after a discussion with that forum, I'm raising it here. I was asked about Coupling, specifically referencing data sharing and basic apps like chat, email, and SharePoints. The inquirer wanted more information about it, and I'd like to understand the basic premise(s), so if anyone is up-to-snuff ... bring it on y'all. Thanks folks! ~ Gali
  12. Gali

    Protocol Question

    That's one of the concepts I dug up. I wonder if he's talking about data coupling ... creating an argument to pass data back and forth. I'll go pester the programmers. Check with OP too to get more specifics. Thanks Lurick - much appreciated.
  13. Gali

    Protocol Question

    "What's "coup"ing?" It was my assumption that he meant Coupling, It's in reference to data sharing and basic apps (chat, email, SharePoints). I'm with you and never heard of it before. I thumbed through a few of my IT books and couldn't find anything about it. Am I missing something here??
  14. Hey Networking bubbas, Got a question from a friend yesterday in reference to "network coupling". I'm not entirely familiar with the protocol - Only took A+ and Security+ myself - and the only information I could dig up from the net was Dynamic Synchronization. Search result-wise there's a ton of data to sift through from basic electronic coupling to bioengineering and medical-based coupling ... it's a lot. Was hoping someone could point me in a more precise direction. Thanks! ~ Gali
  15. That's quite the tin-foil idea. Entertaining the idea that it IS 'inside', if it ever came out that the company did this as a PR stunt, that would look extremely poor on the company. I doubt they would risk such self-defamation. The tech field has high stakes, and a lot of these companies, including Razer, are interested in the long run. To sabotage their own company for such a short-lived limelight is quite a ridiculous idea. Anything is possible, though, so we'll have to see.