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  1. Hello LTT Forums, Okay, for some reason it seems pretty difficult to find information about WAN to LAN throughput on routers. Either it is not published at the retailers or the product is marked for businesses in ways I don't know how to search for. So, can anyone point at a couple of brands/models of routers that support WAN to LAN / LAN to WAN throughput of at least 2gbps? I have currently 1gbps connection at home, with my current RT-N66U I get about 700mbps which isn't too bad for such an old router. I am however aware that I can squeeze out about 1.5 gbps wh
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. That is exactly what I need. At the moment i've bene using windows remote desktop to get higher resolution. But damn it has some major shitty latency while typing and moving the cursor. Will have a look at that and other products like it. thanks again.
  3. As for many of you guys I'm currently working from home. I've brought the laptop from work but would like to use my monitors from my gamingrig to do work on. I miss multiple monitors for work. The laptop I have doesn't have USB-C or Thunderbolt though so I am a bit confused on what options I have. Laptop: HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab212no / 5CD6116BXD / P7T74EA#UUW I have three HDMI monitors for my desktop, sadly required to work from my laptop due to the nature of content I work with. Would be much appreciated if anyone has suggestions for any way to connect at
  4. I just returned to Ark Survival Evolved. Haven't played since before they released Scorched Earth. And man, it is still an amazing game. Love it. Think I've had about 500 hours last two months Close to 1k hours in total now.
  5. I've really really liked the collaborations you've done with different YouTube creators over the years with bringing them the hardware they need to continue delivering great content. I just watched the behind the scenes of Yes theory's latest documentary and it seems like they had some issues with their rendering of it and would love to see you guys hook them up. The BTS,
  6. Does that also count if I run three 1440 144 monitors? (I only game on the middle monitor).
  7. The monitor I use right now is at 2560x1440 and 144hz. I also have two pretty shitty monitors which might make the experience less than ideal. Been planning on getting new new monitors now when i get a new graphics card. A 1080 ti probably serves me well enough. Sad part is that the 1080 ti isn't that much cheaper than the 2080 ti today. Most requiring game I play is probably Ark, Dark and Light or Atlas. Otherwise i tend to play pretty well optimized games or really low games (such as Factorio or Banished).
  8. Hello, I'm about to buy a new graphics card. I have been looking at the big boi Nvidia 2080 Ti, doubt I really need it but I have the luxury of affording it atm. My question is, will I be able to utilize it with current hardware or should I go for something that is more suitable for what I currently have? Last year I switched out everything except my graphics card. Current setup: Intel Core i7 7700K 4.2 GHz 8MB MSI Z270A S02 INET GAMING EDITION be quiet! Pure Rock Samsung 960 EVO 500GB XFX Radeon RX 480 8GB GTR Black Edition- PCI-Expre
  9. Well I don't mind replacing the RT-N66U, I can use that as an Access Point for wireless only. And trying to get max throughput out of it isn't really important either since it will cap out at 731mbps either way, which is less than I should be getting from my ISP. I have tried to get more out of my current by disabling NAT, QoS and Wireless with no luck. Disabling QoS gave me about 50mbps more to play around with, disabling WiFi either 2.4ghz or 5ghz or both had no noticable effect on the speed.This is still a far cry from the 731mbps that has been shown as reference https://www.s
  10. about 100->200mbps up/down. So hard to say what that might be.
  11. I don't relaly know what docsis 3.1 is. What they did was to switch out all the hardware in the building. I don't have a modem just a RJ45 plug in the wall. When I trun tests with my computer connected directly to that plug I get between 500mbps -> 1gbps. Did a quick test now and it showed this:
  12. So, I just got an upgrade from my ISP from 100mbps to 1000mbps up/down. I noticed that my current router is having issues with throughput WAN -> LAN ( Asus RT-N66U ) which as far as I can see should be able to handle about 730mbps WAN -> LAN, in my case the best I've managed to get out of it is about 200mbps. So I was thinking, perhaps you guys have suggestions of some basic routers, like 1 WAN 4 LAN which can handle 1gbps throughput. I can still use my old router as an AP to get it wireless for cellphone use. The one I've been looking at right now is the Ubiquiti Netw
  13. Never mind, found the problem. Had to go into Display adapter properties -> Monitor -> Screen Refresh rate: change it to 144hz.
  14. Hey guys, I recently got my new display, a Acer XF270HUA, which I use with my AMD RX 480. In the AMD Radeon Settings program I have set AMD Freesync to on but when I hover it it claims: "Refresh rate reported by display: 40Hz to 60Hz". The monitor is supposed to be able to handle Freesync at 144Hz through DP (I made sure it is DP 1.2). Tried to install the display drivers (though only drivers are for windows 8 64-bit on the acer website). I wasn't allowed to install these on Windows 10 since they aren't signed. Anyone have any suggestions on wher
  15. Thanks for the reply. Yeah that is what I did. Didn't find anything fitting as of yet. Atm i'll just stick with my old monitors. Hopefully it wont affect the performance when I game too much