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  1. Should I maybe make the top rad an intake too? Then I could also have positive air pressure, pushing dust out of the case.
  2. I have a corsair 4000x, and an h100i v2 (240mm) on my 10600k. I want to soon get an evga hybrid rtx 3080, which also has a 240mm radiator. My question is, seeing as I have to mount one in the front and one at the top, is my best bet putting the gpu rad in the front and the cpu rad at the top? Or vice versa? Looking for the best all around temps for the system. The top will be the exhaust, as well as the rear, and the 3 front fans will be intakes as of right now. Any response would be great, thanks!
  3. I need a solid 17 inch gaming laptop that is at or under $1000. The problem is is that i really need physical click buttons for the trackpad. Its for my cousin and they dont care about specs, they just want to run games and use seperate click buttons. Thanks!