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  1. I already tried rebooting as well as reinstalling the file on the usb. Is it possible that the usb stick is faulty?
  2. Ok, so my friend recently got a new computer, however, he had to replace the hard drive as well as reinstall windows 10. I walked him through the steps of installing windows through a usb stick and for some reason his computer is stuck on the black screen with the windows 10 logo and the spinning circle when he boots onto the usb with the windows 10 file on it. Does anyone know why this might be happening? We let it run like that for 3 hours and nothing happened. Thanks.
  3. I replaced my router with the latest one my ISP provided around 2 months ago. I had the problem with the old router too. I cannot attach a speed test now since I'm not at home right now. The speed is fine (I get around 3.5 download speed on steam)
  4. I often get this issue where every hour 2-3 times I will disconnect from whatever game I am playing for 2-5 mins. The strange thing is I can still hear my friends talking over discord but they can't hear me (this happens every time). I'm currently using powerline adapters for my computer but I had the same issue when using a wireless adapter. I contacted my ISP and they told me my connection, from their monitoring was stable. Thank you for your time.
  5. Sorry I wasn't clear, I have a i5 4690 right now in my build.
  6. Will a FX 8350 which is watercooled and overclocked significantly outperform a i5 4690 that is not water cooled. I'm thinking of switching to 4k and don't want my cpu to bottleneck my gtx 1070.