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  1. Hi, I found this really interesting. I wonder how many similarities between what he thinks of his life as YouTuber he shares with Linus an his team. Is the pressure the same, although LTT is a company now an not a one-person-show like Davie?
  2. Hi, I found a hilarious video of YouTuber "RobBubble", who accepted all product placements that have been offered to him during the last year. It is in german only (sadly), but for everybody who understands it, take a look. This really shows the flood of hilarious requests that even an influencer with less than a quarter million subscribers has to cope with and the requests those companies have. I will not even try to imagine the sh** the LMG group, Unbox Therapy or MKBHD have to cope with.
  3. Take another look at my instructions. Maybe there is a method that works for you.
  4. HA! I got it working natively under Windows 10. It all starts with: 1) Download the python script from https://github.com/yunuscadirci/CallStranger/archive/master.zip 2) Unpack it into a directory of your choice. WINDOWS 10 natively: Use these steps: 3) Install Python 3.8 from the Microsoft Store. 4) Open a PowerShell or cmd (I used an Administrator PowerShell for this, but I am not sure whether you really need it). 5) Install PIP using the Script provided here:https://www.liquidweb.com/kb/install-pip-windows/ 6) Exec
  5. Do you want to prevent that your devices are used in a DDoS-attack-scheme or do you want to prevent being attacked by a DDoS? The first would need some kind of firewall that looks into the request payload to identify nefarious reflecting subscription requests. For the second there are some solutions that might be able to mitigate a DDoS attack, but I do not know whether they are any good. (-_-)
  6. Hi everybody. A new UPnP vulnerability has been discovered recently that might be a hackers dream. It is listed as CVE-2020-12695 and got nicknamed "CallStranger". This security issue is serious, because the vulnerability is using an intentional UPnP protocol feature (Service subscription with callback) that is also implemented in many IoT devices which will NOT be patched. Additional information and links can be found in the article about the CVE above. Some more here: https://www.callstranger.com https://www.tenable.com/blog/cve-2020-12695-callstranger-vulnerabi
  7. Ha! Got my passkey delivered to my GoogleMail-Account just now. Google seems to not reject those mails as spam anymore. Onward....
  8. Newbie home-folder here. I'll be adding some of my sleeping computers to this cause. Time for those processors to do some work for a good cause. My energy supplier will be happy... XD
  9. Hi. I would suggest that you skip this update and wait for the next one. This update causes problems with many systems. Look here for instance: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/-problems-optional-windows-10-update EDIT: It is an optional update anyway, so as long as you're not actively looking for updates via the Windows-Settings it will not be installed.
  10. According to ZDNet there is a malware currently in development that can grab screenshots from your Google Authenticator to get access to its 2FA codes. Article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/google-could-have-fixed-2fa-code-stealing-flaw-in-authenticator-app-years-ago/ "This malware called Cerberus has this feature currently under development" - Researchers from "ThreadFabric" discovered. But it might not be long until it is out in the wild. The core feature that allows this attack (except from being infected with the malware in the first place - DOH) is the capability
  11. Somehow this discussion got sidetracked and took the wrong exit... ?
  12. The joy of security never stops. Security researchers found a fatal flaw in Bluetooth-Security. It is possible, to reduce the security key of a bluetooth-connection to the size of one byte which then can be guessed very, very easily by "brute force". This means, that all Bluetooth connections can be hacked with overseeable effort. The article (German, sorry) I stumbled upon first: https://www.golem.de/news/knob-angriff-8-bit-verschluesselung-mit-bluetooth-1908-143246.html From the original article: https://knobattack.com/ and More to read from CERT. Cont
  13. Hi, Something for you camera-geeks out there: I just watched a new Video from Standupmaths with Matt Parker on youtube called "Can we film a stroboscopic helicopter?". The video is quite entertaining, but what really got me interested is the professional video camera gear they're using in this video (starts at 3:07 - Info from the video description: Filming and editing by Trunkman Productions (http://trunkman.co.uk), extra cameras and filming by Andrew Mickelburgh). What do you think are the differences between those and the stuff LMG is using - regarding price, performance, featur