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  1. cleaned up some clunky phrasing. As a rule, especially when using Youtubers who don't run their own benchmarks, check sources, and if you can "meta-analyse" the results from multiple sources. I've been burned by this is in the past personally, so I speak from experience we always look for confirmation bias. A 9900k will perform exceptionally (as you'd bloody well hope from a £500 cpu) If you're running at 1440p or above, and it's within your budget, enjoy the 3080, otherwise look for something else (if you're not super into ray tracing, a used 2080ti or lower could be a good deal right
  2. I'd ignore this guy though, if you look at the things that are "CPU Bottlenecking" he's using benchmarks done on medium settings 1440p, or at 1080p, which if you're considering buying an RTX 3080, if pretty effing worthless. In the Tom's hardware piece he uses they even say as much, it's just part of the comprehensive test suite. https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/features/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-ampere-cpu-scaling-benchmarks His video is actually pretty worthless, he largely just regurgitates/exploits the work Tom's Hardware did. I'd not bother with him in future.
  3. Oooh, that does look nice. Although I think it's planned UK availability is late October (hoping I'm wrong though), I can only see it listed for pre-order Would you happen to have any info on that? Edit: also thanks for catching the sizing mishap, that would've been bad to find out later
  4. That is pretty cool. Does the temperature readout actually have much utility or is it all style points? Im leaning towards the Lian-Li or the Aorus a little as I like lower key or hidden branding. So as far as performance is concered, it does look like they're all pretty similar?
  5. The motherbiard I have, currently has no RGB control, its handled by a cycling button on the front of my computer case (it's the lian-li lancool 2 mesh). When the next set of Ryzen CPUs drop I'll be switching to a more modern motherboard. Thanks I hadn't thought of RGB controller bloat
  6. I've started looking at upgrading my cooler now ahead of the Ryzen 4000 launch later on, and since I behave like a child, I really want RGB on the AIO, ruling out the arctic freezer. I'm looking at getting a 240 for the top of the case. From what reviews I've read/watched, in terms of performance it seems to go Arctic Liquid Freezer 2, then (corsair/cooler master/lian-li/nzxt/etc) in a clump below, then other things. I'm assuming I've over simplified, but it would be nice if it means the choice is mainly aesthetic and hard to screw up :P Specifically I've been l
  7. I can pick up a refurbished XB270HU for £500, which is the previous year's model, still has 1440p, 144Hz, G sync and IPS. That seems like a pretty good deal. What do you think?
  8. Best one I've found so far Dell S2716DG Or if you're OK with a refurbished monitor there is this: http://www.technoshack.co.uk/monitors/Acer-XB270HUbprz-27-inch-Monitor-169-4-ms-100M1-ACM which I just bought, so if you wait a few days I can give you a heads up on quality
  9. If I pick up this monitor and use it for a PC running with a GTX 1070 I shouldn't have any odd frame rate or other hiccups should I? That's what g sync was made to alleviate. DELL S2417DG If anyone knows better monitors for less than £550, please leave a link to it, thanks.
  10. it'll irk me but I'll live an ips monitor with g sync is £600 or thereabouts
  11. it's a TN panel, but is 1440p 144Hz Gsync. What monitor do you use?
  12. you have a pretty good point there, It should be able to do all the highest textures, just not ALL of the lighting or hair effects Thanks for the advice. Do you think the 1440p monitor I picked is good for quite a while? it's a dell something or other with g-sync I can't see how £700 for one of the Asus predators is worth it, although like with the graphics cards, I could be wrong
  13. say a 1070 runs med-high 1440p 100+Hz, or high-ultra 1080p 100+Hz. Which would you go for?
  14. I'd want want 100+ FPS with whatever card I want so I'm debating the merits of 1080p versus 1440p. 1440 is clearly better, but is it worth the rather large price hike is what I'm asking