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  1. I have tried to search online, but to no success. Wonder if anyone out there has done so or tried doing so.
  2. If you intend to get the best of the best, it would either be a kingpin or HOF. One is black, another is white.
  3. I dont intend to render with the quadro, just thought of getting the cheapest one to leverage the 10bit monitor for adobe works. The render will be done by the gtx/rtx card. So its possible then?
  4. Yup. But tight on budgets. Basicly for the same peformance, i have to fork out a few thousand more.
  5. Hi, currently i am build a PC mainly for Adobe related works with some gaming involved. I was wondering if it is possible to mix a GTX/RTX (for the cuda acceleration) while having a Quadro/RadeonPro as the video out for a 10 bit monitor.
  6. Thank you guys. Really appreciate it. Guess its good to buy at that price point then.
  7. Hi guys. I'm not really sure about the MSRP for the gtx 1080 ti, but i was offered USD760 for it. Is that price a good buy?