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  1. This Expo thing is all I was looking for it seems. You should check it out too.
  2. Thank for your reply! I will check this one out, looks very promising.
  3. Hello Everyone! I'm developing a mobile app for android and ios for a company I'm in. This is sort of a one time thing, and I don't seem to be able to get around without using a mac. Since it is a one time thing, we wouldn't like to buy a mac only for this, so I need to figure something out. I'm using React-Native, which is a javascript based thing, that works on android and ios. Theoreticly I don't need to make the same app twice, but in reality, there is a few things that needs to be customized for the two platform. That is where the problem starts. I don't have any way to try my app ou
  4. We always have the people who skips a few columns in order to see the whole text... Like there is no way one can resize a column. So there was this guy, who didn't want to learn this "trick", so every time he called for me I was like: You bloody idiot, if you're gonna have empty columns in your sheet, I swear to god I'll make you stand in between those columns. This got hilarious after a bit.
  5. I work in an HR company, in the IT department (I make our websites and develop new systems). People call me to insert a column in a google spreadsheet drive... Also they tell me that their pcs are bad and something is always wrong with it. me: You are wrong with it.
  6. I forgot, but this was before I upgraded to SSD. So I guess I'm already after a formating everything.
  7. I did check them out now. Nothing unusual. Used project explorer to see if anything is using it a lot. nope
  8. Okay, than. If this is what you guys say. So no messing with the thermal paste? Thanks
  9. Not completely get the idea.. How you do that? I mean other than format the drive and reinstalling windows.
  10. I haven't done that yet, I was also thinking of reapplying the thermal paste, warranty is broken anyway. Thoughts?
  11. Hi! I have a fairly new laptop, and I got a bitcoin miner virus recently. After a bit of a fight (around 2 days) I managed to get rid of it, but since then my idle temps are kinda high. Nothing life threatening, but still bothers me a lot. So i get around 55-60 c on idle, when nothing is running. It does manage to keep it here or even a bit under if it isn't on the table or have some support in ventilation. I did take it apart and clean everything from the dust, but the 55-60 is what I get. Even turned off the discrete video card. Help Specs: Acer aspire v5 i5 6300hq
  12. Yes I did, probably I'm going to end up with that, already talked about it in a previous comment
  13. I know that the air cooling is probably the way to go. I just wanted to know if there is something out there I haven't seen yet. But as it seems it"s going to be a bequiet dark rock pro 3
  14. I was thinking of that, but I'm curious if there is a good solution.
  15. Those fans are not available here, and I did think of something like that, but as I seen from the reviews, the pump itself isn't quiet. Maybe I'm missing something?
  16. Hi, I'm building my system, and I'm stuck on choosing my cpu cooling solution. I don't know what is a good (doesn't have to be extreme performance) and very silent cpu all in one water cooler. So everything is very quiet in my system, and I don't want to ruin it by a loud pump or fans. I was about to get the hydro 100i v2, but everyone says it's very loud. So help me out here! Thanks in advance, Theo