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    aidancomi reacted to Hackentosher in DJI Osmo Action or GoPro Hero 7   
    disclaimer: My only action cam experience is with both GoPro Sessions.
    I think the DJI Osmo action is the way to go here. I remember watching the stabilization comparisons between the Osmo and whatever the best GoPro had to offer at the time and the Osmo (to my eye anyway) looked a touch more stable. The image quality was also as good or better with the DJI, which makes sense due to their acquisition of Hasselblad. I didn't know the Osmo dropped to $250, at that price it seems like a no brainer to me unless the Hero 9 is dramatically better in some way. It seems to me that GoPro is "iterating" cameras every year, but not really pushing the boundaries of what the outgoing model already did. Looking at their website, the only thing that I think the Hero 9 does better is having interchangeable lenses, but the 9 only has one lens option and it's even wider than stock (some may be into that but personally I would also want a tighter option). So yeah if it was my money, I'd buy the Osmo.
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    aidancomi got a reaction from kirashi in Kinda Stupid: I want to buy an Android phone   
    I’ve always been an Apple fan, so lately I’ve been thinking about picking up a under $200 Android phone, just to give it a shot. I’m looking for USB-C, Micro SD Expansion, some form of biometric entry (fingerprint, face, etc), Android 10 (and hopefully 11) support (don’t care if it’s coming soon), and a price of under $200. I’ve mainly been looking at the Moto G7 Play from Best Buy for $160. I’m not really looking used, but I don’t know if buying an international model with no warranty would be better or to buy a US phone to get a warranty and US stuff. I don’t know.