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  1. That's the install directory for Windows 10. It sounds like the install isn't seeing your hard drive for some reason.
  2. You'd have to rework all the panels, not just monitors - TVs and such would have to be redone as well. I don't think anyone's really going to advocate for such a big change in the way these things are manufactured without real motivation (real return on investment, in other words).
  3. Saying something takes around 1-2 hours to complete when it would really take much more time than that for most players is like saying it takes around 1-2 hours for a heart transplant. Nonsense.
  4. Python is easier to start off with, from the experience I've had with both. But really, if you have an aptitude for programming, you should be good with either one. You'll recognize a lot of the same concepts in one once you're familiar with the other. That said, I wish my first programming class would have been Python instead of Java. It's just easier to do everything.
  5. Just a reminder that open source does not automatically mean free. Some of you really need to read your licenses once in a while.
  6. Because it's Microsoft's update. These are not niche software apps. Lots of people use them. Should car manufacturers only recall vehicles with problems that have Pioneer stereos?
  7. Because that's the way he is. He's so stuck on his pedestal about getting the best, and the latest, and the greatest, and how much money he has, that he forgot how real people behave.
  8. They did also call them "uninteresting", after licking Intel's taint both before and after about some stupid DIMMs that no one but them care about. Because the one computer tech that's been lighting the world on fire for the last little while is Optane, amirite? Yeah, didn't think so. Just another clickbait title from a channel that's become more and more reliant on spectacle over substance.
  9. What brand of modem do you have? What internet do you have? Whoever it is should have a list of supported modems, and they should be DOCSIS 3 by now.
  10. Anybody else getting tired of all these "Oh, we have so much money, look at all these amazing things we can do with all the free stuff we begged for?" videos? Remember when this channel was a little more humble and a lot more "let's throw it at the wall and see what sticks"?
  11. You want to change the default RDP port - the default one is one of the biggest ways hackers get into your systems. Better yet, you could set up a VPN through your router/firewall. That would give you a much more secure connection.
  12. Well, when you get new equipment handed to you for free (or in exchange for yet another video sponsored by the company), you forget that not everybody has $5000 lying around to spend on computers or computer parts. I upgraded my computer two years ago, and the only reason I did so was so that someone else could use my old parts. What I had wasn't anywhere near the most expensive parts out there, and what I replaced it with wasn't either, but both systems will do anything I ask them to. And I don't have a single PCIe SSD, or an Intel blah-blah-90-blah-X, or anything like that.
  13. There's an extra 1 at the beginning of that. The entire show was only about an hour.
  14. Try switching them so that the primary becomes the secondary (and vice versa). Maybe try different cables? Does the monitor do that when hooked up to another computer?