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  1. Hello, Yesterday I finished building my first pc. Everything worked fine, updated bios and installed windows 10. I downloaded a update for my Gigabyte 1060 xtreme, screen went black. I can go into the bios, that works fine. Some idea's? I restarted the pc a couple times. Pls help.
  2. Help! I just build a new pc (first time). After the first start I updated bios. Everything fine, so I downloaded a Gpu update (Gigabyte Aorus 1060 xtreme), I started the update and the screen went black. I waited 10 minutes, restarted my pc, saw very short msi motherboard bios screen, and black. Someone knows whats going on? I forgot to add that even the cursor is not showing.
  3. Yes, he is not upgrading his monitor.
  4. No editing, its only going to be used as a gaming pc
  5. Its only for gaming, no editing and stuff
  6. Hello people, A friend of mine is wondering between this two options: - AMD Ryzen 1500x with a Rx580 8gb - AMD Ryzen 1600 with a Rx580 4gb Which of these is the best option?
  7. The difference in weight is only 45 gram. Cm Hyper 101 -- Pure Rock Slim
  8. You spend all night, come on next time try better xD. Youre welcome
  9. Hello People! Some topics later I picked my parts... I just wanna ask if everything looks okay, so I can start buying stuff. These are the parts: - I5 6500 - ASrock H110M-DVP - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3gb (Dont say 'Buy 6gb') - Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 - Be Quiet! Pure Rock Slim - CoolerMaster G450M (450 watt) - Wd Blue 1tb (7200 rpm) The Case that will be used: - Sharkoon VG5-W Later on I wanna upgrade it with a ssd: - Crucial MX300 275gb Any problems? Comment! Thanks for yo
  10. I will just buy a motherboard with 2 fan headers for the case. I will power the back one with the psu. Thanks for the help!
  11. Is there difference between using the ones from your motherboard, or from the psu? I could just put them all on the psu, and buy a cheap motherboard like.. http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5606#ov
  12. Oh Yea sure I forgot it all Socket 1151 (I5 6500) No overclock cause ^^, and I guess im not going to do RAID cause I dont know what it is. Its my first build , Im digging in some interesting science. I buy a Cooler Master G450M, do you need to buy those molex things apart?
  13. Hey man! IM CLOSE. Serious I will find it for u! UPDATE Palit G Panel. Found it within 4 minutes, sorry man. Youre welcome.