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    1060 6GB Evga SC
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  1. Hey everyone, I'm currently looking at some black Friday deals. Especially in the networking department, since my current router isn't powerful enough to cover my whole house. Right now I'm looking at 2 options the MK63 and M9, I'm not quite sure what differences are between them since there are not a lot of reviews about the MK63. Right now the MK63 got priced from 300 to 240 (euros) which is great since it fits in my budget of around 300-350 euros. For the M9 there are unfortunately no deals at the moment (still 300 euros). Is it worth to pay the 60~ more for the M9?
  2. Hey everyone, I’m looking for some advice for a new charger. I’ve gotten the usb-c to lightning cable but I haven’t got an (usb-c) fast charger. But I’m a little concerned about what is best for my phone, especially the battery. Im looking at an belkin charger which has usb-a 12W and usb-c 27W or the original Apple usb-c with 18W. Any advice would be appreciated! greetings Frosty
  3. Thanks for the advice, I’ll get a little bit more money first!
  4. Hey everyone, I’m planning for a new gaming PC for around 600 euros. The only thing I wanna do is play games like Fortnite on epic and 60fps and sometimes I play games like rainbow, apex legends and ark. I live in the Netherlands and would love some help on components!
  5. Unfortunately these components are so much cheaper in the USA right now you are 200+ over the budget. ? Edit: you still got the 2133 ram
  6. Alrighty, what do you think of the rest of the build?
  7. 1060 6GB is about 40USD more expensive
  8. I added the wrong GPU in the first build my bad! ? I looked into making a ryzen 2700x build but that doesn't fit in my budget at the moment. Since I'm also upgrading the case etc. And yes I'll be waiting for the 3000 chips for my main PC. (If they are any good)
  9. Hey there! So (once again) I'm upgrading a pc again. And I'm in need of some thoughts or other recomendations! I'm moving this build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/GN9q29 To this: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant Type Item Price CPU Intel - Core i7-8700 3.2 GHz 6-Core Processor $299.99 @ Walmart CPU Cooler Cooler Master - Hyper 212 Black Edition 42 CFM CPU Cooler $34.02 @ Amazon Motherboard Giga
  10. I think I’ll go with the hyper 212, thanks a lot!
  11. I was going for a black and white system with some “cool” rgb lighting. The deepcool looks pretty good but it’s nowhere to be found, since no one has it in stock...... What do you think of the cooler master 240L option?
  12. I7 7800, HyperX fury ddr4 2133mhz, nzxt h500, no OC Located in the Netherlands, budget is around the 70€
  13. Hey guys! I am looking for a "budget" cpu cooling with prefferably RGB. This are some models I'm currently looking at: Coolermaster MasterLiquid ML240L (RGB) BeQuiet! Dark Rock 4 Cooler Master Hyper 212 (Black) I would prefer a rgb cooling system ? What do you guys think?
  14. Around the 400 dollars, so I’ll could do a 2700X with a “good” motherboard