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  1. I don't care about aesthetics, I hate RGB and I prefer closed cases without glass panels. So definitely I should start with only the cooler and buy only 1x140m by reusing stock fans and give it at try before purchasing other fans. Some other doubts: 1. If I choose Silent Wings 3 instead of NF-A14, should I get the normal one or the high speed version? 2. When is preferable to use 120mm instead of 140mm? Is just a matter of space and for case fans should I just go for 140mm if I can and use 120mm only as a fallback? 3. With a DRP4 or a DH15 is useless to h
  2. I just got a BeQuiet PureBase 500 (stock fans) with an i7 10700k currently cooled with a Corsair H60 1th gen of 4 years. Other parts: - MSI Z490 TOMAHAWK - RTX2080 FE I care a lot about noise and currently it seems that most noise comes from the pump. I will give a try to some light OC and I was thinking about switching to Air to avoid pump noise / issues. A setup that I was thinking could be: - Noctua NH-D15 or BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 4 - 2x NF-A14 PWM as INTAKE on the front - 1x NF-A14 PWM as EXHAUST on the back - Maybe
  3. I ended up getting the Corsair just because I've always used them and I didn't want to take any chance :D
  4. Any strong reason that made you choose the rmx 750 without even thinking?
  5. Hi guys, I need a PSU for my new build (switching back to ATX from ITX) which is currently already running on a Corsair SF600 with: - BeQuiet PureBase 500 - i7 10700k - MSI Z490 Tomahawk - Nvidia RTX2080 FE I don't want to buy adapters or extensions for the SF600 so I'm planning on buying an ATX PSU. By using the PSU Tier List and the retailers availabiliy I have to choose between: - Enermax Revolution D.F. 750 - 110€ - Corsair RM750x - 135€ I have always used Corsairs and I care about noise, especially at idle, so I'm a b
  6. What about something like mini itx card versions? Like Gigabyte GTX 1060 Mini ITX OC 6G
  7. I have just sold my current pc so in a rush i had to order the new one based on the availability of the store. SG 13 mesh front 44€ Asrock FATAL1TY Z170 GAMING-ITX/AC 185€ i7 6700k 345€ Gskill RipV K2 D4 3200 C14 111€ Corsair H60 85€ I will try to use an atx corsair hx520w before getting a new psu and i have skipped the gpu because i'm not sure about size and airflow, will temporarily use an old ati 6870. Let me know if i'm doing something really wrong Obviously i will post all the details/issues that i will encounter so that i can be helpful for som
  8. After some research here is a shopping cart: SG 13 mesh front 44€ MSI Z170I GAMING PRO AC 180€ i7 6700k 345€ Gskill RipV K2 D4 3200 C14 111€ MSI GTX 1060 GAMING X 330€ Silverstone SST-SX600-G Strider SFX 109€ NZXT Kraken X31 96€ Any thoughts? Size/cooling/noise issues? Thank you all!
  9. No one? I'm wondering if to achieve a silent build i have to get a bigger case than SG08/Thermaltake V1/Node 304 or if by using the right cooling system it's possible even with those small enclosures
  10. I have explored the forum and pcpartpicker and i'm lost There is a vast choice of components and i'm thrilled by the itx world. Here some key points after this "digging": Silent (pc in bedroom) and small build (probably i will put it on desk) i5 6600k GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 Support for models of nvidia 1060/1070 2 SSD 2.5" and 1 HD 3.5" (i can remove it if necessary) So i need advice for the case, psu and cooling system. I have noticed that NCASE M1 is appreciated by a lot of people and i will consider it but i need an alternative too.
  11. Another thing, i prefer silence over budget So if there is a possibility to reduce noise by paying more i will take it
  12. Currently i'm on CM690, i5 3570k, hyper 212 evo, corsair hx520w and asus gtx770 I want to do a mini itx build because i'm bored of the size of the cm690 which i bought for "future" upgrades like SLI, overclock etc but all things that in those years (cm690 and hx520w are 6 years old) i never considered seriously So by switching from a cm690 i don't think that i'm seeking for the extreme smallest itx build. But i never did mATX nor ITX builds so i have no idea about which case and cooling use, can you propose some combination?
  13. I want to build my first mini itx gaming build starting from an i5 6600k and a GA-Z170N-Gaming 5. I need some advices regarding case and cooling (air or liquid?). I haven't chosen yet which video card to buy but it will be an nvidia 970/1060/1070 and i don't know if it the choice between those can have a serious impact regarding which case/cooling use so i'm in your hands