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  1. Wait for the s8... I have had my 27 for 10 months and its been great. Don't worry about it slowing down.
  2. I have a tab s2 and its fantastic. Yea id wait for the tab s3.
  3. tru it seems like he would need one hell of a cpu to play games like gta tho
  4. Ah my bad didnt see that. If your budget is 1600 then you could also get a 1070 for future proofing
  5. Id suggest waiting for vega. If you dont want to then t ry to fit a 1080 into the budget.
  6. The 290x is comparable to my gtx 970 which is hella powerful. Although you will need a 750 watt psu
  7. Yea that's really good. But if you are just playing csgo you can get something cheaper with second hand parts.
  8. You can spend way less than 350.
  9. I know 1440p still looks great on a 4k monitor.
  10. I bought an acer aspire one laptop a month ago, and just a little while ago I would plug it in nad it would say fully charged at 100 percent. I then unplug it and it says 97. Can anyone tell me what it might be doing?