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    Nothing really to say. Hope to study CS and Physics in college.
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  1. I'm no fan of Razer keyboards, but I will say I've had my Naga for close to two years and haven't had any issues.
  2. Around 0°F in Cleveland, here for a college visit.
  3. I'd say it depends on what you want to get out of programming. If you're a student who wants to learn key concepts and problem solving skills associated with programming, then I'd say something like python. If you're somebody who wants to create broad and functional websites, then I'd say learn Javascript, PHP, and how to use SQL. If you're somebody who wants to dab into object-oriented programming, then maybe Java or C++ (I like c++ because it makes you a better programmer with it's strong syntax) So in conclusion, it all depends on what you want to get out of it.
  4. wut Edit: alright, sorry that was harsh. VRAM is memory that is used specifically by the video card or device. You can't increase your VRAM, because it's pretty much locked to the card.
  5. Hitachi and WD are both solid brands. I hear that Hitachi drives have the most consistent life span out of all consumer HDDs. WD Blacks are a solid option too, probably faster than most Hitachi drives.
  6. no edit: okay that was a little harsh, but you'd be wasting your money upgrading a chip like the 4690K. You won't see much any performance gain with an i7 when it comes to gaming .
  7. I think it all depends on how you, the viewer, spend your money. I feel like the targeted audience for LTT videos are enthusiasts who share the same passion for tech that Linus himself holds. Enthusiasts are much more likely to spend the extra cash on those expensive components that Linus reviews.
  8. Yes I have one and it works flawlessly.
  9. Ehh no worries. Each person has their own special needs when it comes to choosing PC components. Sorry for being so quick to start arguments .
  10. You really don't have room to talk about stuff being overpriced. I guess since you're a prodigy psychology student you can do whatever you want.
  11. If you want the best PC experience, you shouldn't swear by one brand.
  12. There's a good seasonic unit that everyone loves. Let me find it. Edit: here http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151095
  13. Maybe in the troubleshooting section? Sorry, I don't have a solution, so a replied with a smartass comment.
  14. You could probably ghetto mount some LED's onto your card, but IMO it'd look tacky.