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    AMD FX8350
  • Motherboard
    Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x4gb
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    AMD R9 270x Gigabyte Windforce
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    Fractal Design Define R4 WIndowed
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    Samsung 120gb and 250gb 840 Evo + 1TB WD Blue
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    Corsair CS750M
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    Asus PA238
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    Several Corsair and Fractal Fans. Hyperx 212 Evo.
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Meh, cheap logitech one.
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    Razer Kracken Pro
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    Windows 7 OEM

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  1. Hey all, Haven't had my little windows 10 icon in the taskbar. I looked online and have looked at various forums on this. I have checked for all updates and installed all of them, looked at all the icons that can be in the taskbar in control panel and there are no more there. I have made sure that i fit the system requirements on my os drive: 20gb free space on it. Please help as I would like to get Windows 10. And don't turn this into a flame war against windows 10 or windows 8. Cheers all, Brit.
  2. I dont do anything that would make that a problem and i dont think my neighbours are tech savy enough to do that.
  3. Hey all, I am looking to move my PC into another room but it would mean that it isn't router for Ethernet and i was wondering what kind of speeds i can expect from a Power line adapter. Do people think this a good solution to the problem and if not what would be a good solution. Could anyone recommend a good make/brand of adapters that i could use (for under £40, $60, if possible.
  4. Thanks man, This seems to have worked now i have changed some of chromes settings so that all downloads go straight to my hdd. Thanks again. Does moving Roaming work or does it mess up the paths of programs?
  5. Hey all, My Boot drive, ssd, is becoming full from games etc. I don't want it to become full; I would like to move Users (Basically move over my my documents, roaming, downloads etc) to my new drive so that it doesn't wear down my number of writes to the ssd or take up to space. I have tried the "Send to" but it doesn't work it just copies the file over. Please Help..... Thnx in advance, Brit,
  6. Even if its a different company that makes the ram. Im changing my corsair vengeance pro 8gb for hyperx fury 16gb. Is it really that simple.....?
  7. Hey all, Just wondering how easy is it to replace RAM in my PC, i built my pc so I know my way around the system etc. My question is how difficult is it for the motherboard to detect and utilize it. Do i need to change anything in the bios, download any software?? Will it balls up any of my stuff? Is it easy?
  8. Sooooo..... It would only affect me if im gaming at higher than 1920x1080?? right? I would be ok to run games at high to ultra at 1080p?
  9. Hey all, What is ACTUALLY goin on with the GTX 970s ffrom Nvidia, i hear that it is a VRAM problem and that the last 700mb isn't working but can someone just give me a straight answer. Some are saying that there isn't a problem and that this happens on all cards. Please only answer if you know exactly what is happening, what Nvidia plan on doing about and how long it will take. Thnx in adavance, Brit,
  10. Hey all, I want to buy a 970 but i'm unsure what design to go for, i would quite like the Asus STRIX edition because of its design (Direct CU II) and its 0dcb mode. MSI have now released a Green edition of their version and i love the look of that one, would this be a better buy? My other dilemma is that the EVGA version has a higher core and boost clock than all of the others that i looked at. Also i love the design of the Gigabyte G1 gaming edition but from reviews it has a lot of coil wine which... yeah, would suck. What do you guys recommend (BTW i don't want any recommendations that t
  11. K thanks guys i think im gonna go for a GTX 970, probably go for the gigabyte gaming edition coz im a sucker for light up stuff... Thanks for your help everyone. Anywhere you recommend to sell my old graphics card in the UK. Thanks again, Brit
  12. Hey all, I currently have an R9 270X Gigabyte OC Windforce edition. Im am looking to upgrade, i could either buy another r9 270x and crossfire the 2 or i can buy a brand new r9 290. I understand that Crossfired R9 270x would be better than an r9 290 but im not to confident on crossfire and i have heard that some games don't support crossfire. How easy is crossfire? Will i be able to uninstall my old drivers without affecting my CPU drivers? Should i move to Nvidia and how easy would this be? If i got an R9 290 then should i crossfire that in the future? Can i sell my old Card and what pric
  13. by £100-150 less i meant that it is £100 less than if i bought a laptop. if i wanted to buy a laptop then i would buy one of these: http://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=K4E40EA&opt=ABU&sel=PCNB&jumpID=ps_xeuz482n9f/sf:_sku:K4E40EA&k_clickid=EMEA%7Cd608f589-1eb0-4729-9a69-fc69ed7c1a64&kpid=K4E40EA&kpid=K4E40EA#ABU&gclid=Cj0KEQiAneujBRDcvL6f5uybhdABEiQA_ojMgh6C0_hLaOInyGptTk6ufwMoePaXeIaxewdyCS5M-xsaAu438P8HAQ
  14. Unfortunatley no, i have recently built my gaming pc so i dont have enough money for a laptop. I figure this is something just as good (for coding etc) for maybe, what, £100-150 less.