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  1. These are CPU benchmarks, upping the resolution only increases the chance of encountering a bottleneck somewhere else in the system. For GPUs or full system benchmarks 1440p+ makes sense but if you're doing direct CPU vs CPU comparisons then the lower the resolution the better (within reason).
  2. And more importantly since when does more code mean a better game? If anything, an identical game done with less code is probably a sign it's better optimized.
  3. Probably, but then is it crypto's fault for continuing to be successful or is it the semiconductor companies' fault for continuing to hedge their bets and not even try to meet increased demand? If Eth2.0 gets up and running on schedule over the next couple years it should eliminate a huge portion of this issue overnight. Until then people just need to accept that GPUs are a bit scarce and to accept they won't be able to get one day one.
  4. Because people are salty that they need to wait a few months for a GPU upgrade.
  5. Bitcoin is backed by all of the people invested in it, as well as the block chain that underlies it. The fact that it doesn't rely on any one nation enforcing its value under threat of war is its biggest strength, not its weakness. If you want to argue that BTC is an inefficient and less than ideal cryptocurrency then I (and most people involved) would probably agree. However a currency is as valuable as people believe it to be and currently people seem to feel Bitcoin is pretty damn valuable.
  6. Did you miss the part where PayPal accepts BTC? Literally anything you can buy with Paypal can "earn" bitcoin.
  7. Yeah, but is this new card substantially shorter than other 3080 models? If it's the same length plus the rear connectors, then we're back at square one.
  8. Back in the day we had these things called "disk drives". Filled the whole front of the case with slots for them. Hard to believe, I know, but back then we could only fit one air choked intake fan instead of three.
  9. 1) Assume every launch is 6 months away from product availability. 2) Never pay more than MSRP 3) Start complaining to AMD and Nvidia to stop doing paper launches and release new products with supply. Congratulations, you solved the issue. Scalpers would stop overnight if people stopped buying their product.
  10. First of all, do we even know they have a product? While I wouldn't be surprised if one shows up, as far as we know it looks like some guy wrote a fun ghost story and posted it on the internet. Secondly, if we think ARGs are abusive marketing then you need to lighten up and learn to have fun. A well done ARG is a fantastic way to tell a smaller story while engaging a large group of fans to actually play a part. Of all the millions of varieties of marketing out there I can't think of many less abusive than an ARG.
  11. War of the world's was broadcast in public radio and made it sound like there were cities being leveled. This is a handful of small YouTube videos implying that there's an evil video game that I guess killed someone?
  12. Why is it irresponsible? Again I can't comment on OP's specific ARG, but generally these are very well hidden puzzles. The only people getting marketed to are those actively looking for it, and that's not even accounting for the fact that the ARG is itself a free game. I participated in the Halo 3 ARG and it's one of my most fondly remembered "gaming" memories, even if the gameplay is more along the lines of a scavenger hunt than a traditional game. No one with half a brain thinks these sorts of things actually depict real world events, and even if they did what's the issue? As fa
  13. ARGs are a sort of meta puzzle game often used as marketing for a "real" project. The Halo franchise, for example, had significant ARGs for several of their games. The movie Cloverfield did as well. The ARGs typically take the form of little clues or strange things posted online that on the surface have no relevance to the project that they are promoting. Curious users investigate those initial posts of websites and find clues - phone numbers, addresses, hidden metadata or cryptographic cyphers that once once unscramble lead to another clue, either online of physically located IRL
  14. Isn't the 3090 barely 5% faster than the 3080 in most gaming tasks? A 3080ti seems like a complete boondoggle.
  15. Does it say what cooling was used? I don't want another chiller situation.