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  1. Was very the past few months with travelling and exams that I didn't manage to update my build log. Hope some people are still interested. Will update soon! Stay tuned.
  2. A squished 6-pin cable may cause this problem? ooooh. Alright I'll try it out. I highly doubt its due to a cable not plugged in properly because its a non-modular psu.
  3. When doing normal tasks, the monitor turns black. The sound gets cut off. Keyboard is off. But the computer is still running, inferred from the spinning cpu fans and LED lights.
  4. Just did my first banner for the finalised name.... Grape Machine! Let me know what you guys think! Also, have more progress with the build.. Will post some pictures soon.
  5. No problem! I hope I answered your question! Thanks for taking a look at my build log!
  6. Anyways,I took your advice! Help me choose my Project name please! http://strawpoll.me/5724305