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    AnnaLVX reacted to Dackzy in The "New" Razer Blade   
    I was talking about the stealth and yes that thing throttles when you put it under load. You can get it to run at 90c..
    Okay so you are kinda like me with laptops, I really only buy business laptops. Ps. try the thinkpad keyboard it is the best thing ever for a laptop keyboard, if we don't look at the MSI titan mech keyboard.
    You know why reviews (like linus) are positive? because they don't really put them under load or check how hot they run or if there is some thermal throttling. Oh you have not seen all the pissed of people with their QC where they have gotten a laptop where some USB ports did not work, some got with a weird keyboard, some had screen problems. Razer have also tried to say that they made a new solder that could take the heat (100% BS) after they got a lot of complanies about thremal throttling and the cpu running at 90c+ under load.
    Fair enough.
    Well kailh is known for the more wobly key, cherry also has a little of that, just not as much. I was so lucky to get my hands on the razer orbweaver mx blue before they stopped making them . Well if a brand can keep charging the same price for a product where they change something to something cheaper they will do it, the same goes for orther brands, a good quality ten keyless keyboard (mech) is about 120$ and a good normal keyboard (mech) is also about 120$, so you see they save some money, but they charge the same.
    Well I have gone through me fair share of keyboard, most of them have been sponsored from razer and roccat, but now I am using the cm storm quickfire rapid i with mx blue.
    I have had that double click problem after about 3 years with my deathadder and yeah Razer is known for that double click shit, so now I am using a zowie EC1-A. I have big hands and I use palm grip so I need a big ass mouse  
    The last mouse I own from Logitech is the G500, their new things are just cheaply made for what you pay. I have only had that cable problem with logitech mice and keyboard, so I am not a fan of them.
    I can understand why you like MMO mice for editing, it is nice to have the extra buttons.
    Oh they can take the crown with no problem, it is not unheard of a acer nitro to hit 96c yeah you read that right 96c with even thermal throttling... I just had a Acer laptop in and it did not even have copper in the cooling and that thing was running a quadcore i7 with some dGPU, the best thing I could do was the clean it and change the TP. Dell is getting better at cooling, but they are still bad. HP is a weird company sometimes they can make good things, but most of the time you are just left standing there like WTF did you guys think when you made this laptop. Sometimes I think they just hire babys to come up with the cooling and that goes for HP, Dell, Acer, Razer, Apple, MSI sometimes, Lenovo sometimes, toshiba, Samsung, Asus and so on..
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    AnnaLVX reacted to SydneySideSteveSomewheres in The "New" Razer Blade   
    Is this the one a Clevo P650RG-G  -click here- the link is flea-bay
    Slightly higher spec'd and priced units that are Virtual Reality ready Sager NP9's
    These too are Virtual Reality ready at a lesser cost Sager NP8's
    hope this helps
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    AnnaLVX got a reaction from Dackzy in best phone for 400USD or less   
    My Zenfone 5 used to drop from about 2 meters several times a day everyday for more than a year. It's still alive today and I'm using it now. Only thing I have for months since my custom pc rig already died after 10 years. Anyway, the reason I drop it a lot was because a new building blocked the network signals so I had to place it by the window and use it as a hotspot for my PC. I also had to plug in the charger since it was being used as a hotspot. I had new rescued cats so...every time they play, the wind and the cord, pulls down the phone and drops it. This is phone has a slight factory defect with the speakers when I got it but it still lasted me. Bought this August 2014. I only finally got a cheap plaatic jelly protector last month since I chipped the side dropping it almost everyday. But the screen still has no cracks. There's a little scratch recently but I got it from something in my bag and I got tussled commuting in crowds. I also clean this with alcohol every time it feels greasy so several times a day. Only problem is it gets hot but manageable. Also it lasted despite all the abuse and heavy use.
    I also only began to start taking care of battery now. Lol.
    I don't know about the newer models, but they say it's good. The earphones that came with this was also good. Wish it didn't tangle badly and finally died.
    Hope this helps.
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    AnnaLVX reacted to VerticalDiscussions in Samsung may remotely disable your Note 7   
    At this rate it would Samsung Mobile future is moderately compromised. Could this incite to a completely new Samsung next year?
    Obviously the blame isnt to be made on Samsung and they acted accordingly to safety rules so far, but at least theyr refridgerators and solid state drives/memory should keep being a reference point for them .
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    AnnaLVX reacted to TheKDub in Samsung may remotely disable your Note 7   
    I don't see much of a problem with what they're doing, they offer ways of easily moving your data and such over to a new phone, and they're replacing the phones which may have been affected by the battery issue and providing shipping materials to return the possibly defective phone all for free.
    Sure forcing the users to swap out their phone for a new one that isn't a risk of exploding by disabling the phone is a little bit excessive, though if that's what it takes to make sure they don't have more phones randomly blowing up in someone's pocket, bag, home, etc.. then I'd say it's a fair response.
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    AnnaLVX reacted to Arty in Samsung may remotely disable your Note 7   
    Source of the Source
    Source is from France, i wouldn't be surprised if happened elsewhere 
    If Samsung has determined the risk to be this serious, this is a good move for the safety of the customers, and hopefully they won't make the same mistake again. 
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    AnnaLVX reacted to terrytek in Samsung may remotely disable your Note 7   
    hey at least they're willing to help out the customer by sending shipping materials for the customer to send back the defective goods. i've seen companies where they tell their customers to provide their own mode of shipping the goods, and normally are charged for them.
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    AnnaLVX reacted to JAKEBAB in Samsung may remotely disable your Note 7   
    Omfg im getting a Gear Vr?!?!?! 
    Buzz kill it's in France
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    AnnaLVX reacted to thexzenon in Another Day, Another Two Critical Bugs in Android. And BONUS malicious apps   
    Yeah, but on a PC you dowload shit from every possible website (don't tell me about Waindows Store). On Android people would assume that a store being run by Google would guarantee safe apps. 
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    AnnaLVX reacted to nicklmg in Which (Intel) CPU Should You Buy?   
    Full Spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/2bFRu4z
    Handy Xeon Chart spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/2bqAx1E
    Buy Core i7 6700K on Amazon: http://geni.us/ZIir
    Buy Core i7 6800K on Amazon: http://geni.us/2Wj7B
    Buy Core i5 6600K on Amazon: http://geni.us/VwKJ
    Buy Core i5 6500 on Amazon: http://geni.us/2OuQI8
    Buy Intel G4400 on Amazon: http://geni.us/zvtG1N
    Buy Core i3 6100 on Amazon: http://geni.us/Xi5j
    Buy Core i5 6400T on Amazon: http://geni.us/OFmh9U

    Need help picking a CPU? Then look no further my friend - we've got your choices covered!
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    AnnaLVX reacted to PRTI in Which (Intel) CPU Should You Buy?   
    Pentium 3
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    AnnaLVX reacted to Name Taken in Which (Intel) CPU Should You Buy?   
    I hoped laptop and mobile CPUs would also be covered as those are almost just as convoluted.
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    AnnaLVX reacted to nicklmg in The "New" Razer Blade   
    Amazon: http://geni.us/Nrddm
    NCIX: http://bit.ly/28KFxuw
    The Razer Blade - they lowered the price and (mostly) upped the specs... But does it still feel like the best choice for a Windows-based laptop?
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    AnnaLVX reacted to nicklmg in The "New" Razer Blade   
    The G751 and the Blade aren't even the same class of laptop... The 751 is like twice as thick...
    Honestly, I've never been a big fan of Razer. Had problems with their mice in past years. But I tried Linus' Blade and man... I'm kinda sold. Just feels like a complete package.