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    Intel i5 6600k
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    MSI Z170A Gaming MS7
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    G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 16GB DDR4
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    MSI - GeForce GTX 1070 8GB
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    Phanteks - Enthoo Pro M Acrylic ATX Mid Tower Case
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    SSD 240gb + HHD 1tb
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    Corsair - RMx 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX
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    Asus - PB287Q 28.0" 3840x2160 60Hz
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    Corsair H110i GT Liquid
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  1. Thank you so much... it worked. I tried everything in the last 2 hours so I went straight to method you linked. With the newest fw on the pen drive it did flash in a few minutes via flashback button. Thanks again
  2. So I was flashing my mb firmware and when it was like 80% it rebooted to this screen. I already tried plug-in a usb drive with FAT32 with bios file with correct name and it doesn't leave this screen. Tried 2 usb drives in several different usb ports, there is a specific one for this but nothing is working. Anyone can help me?
  3. I booted with Kubuntu and no CPU issue, so as I was going to re-install Windows, lucky for me I had Restore from 7 days ago for installing a game. Windows was able to make a partial restore from that restore point and now the CPU is back to normal. I have no idea what bugged on Windows for that to happen
  4. I was normally using my PC, I quit a game and start Adobe Premier to continuing working a project, out of nowhere my PC became slow with high CPU, I thought it was something bugging so I shutdown the PC. A few hours later I turned it on and the CPU stays at 100% Taskmanager shows every process a bit higher, I open the Resource Manager and all my Cores are at 100% since. I tried removing all startup processes, same problem, I booted in SAFE MODE and the CPU 100% I installed an app called Process Hacker 2 and in there it shows my processes as normal but System
  5. Thank you very much for you help, just one more question can I use the Ryzen 3 3200G instead of the 2200G on this setup? The price difference is only 10€
  6. Hey I am looking foward to build a couple of cheap PCs for my work office, They will basacly open emails, run microsoft office and pdfs file. I never built a PC with AMD CPU, can you guys give me your opinions on this? Should I change something? PCPartpicker List
  7. So guys I have a SSD "C:" with windows and a HDD "D:" where I install the games and some apps. I am going to replace the HDD with a new SSD. So since this is not the boot device can I just plug the new SSD copy paste all data from D: then remove the HDD and change the new SSD letter to "D:" and will Windows boots my games like nothing happen? Or do I need those software to do sector by sector clone like it was the boot device? Thanks in advance
  8. I made tests they noise is from the fans, special when the speed is not constant... that noise accelerating is horrible. These fans reach up to 2k rpm wont I loose performance installing a 1.5k rpms fans like those NF A14s? or the ML140s?
  9. So hey guys, I have a Corsair H110i GT water cooling on my PC and its great but the stock fans make so much noise. I dont know much about fans so can anyone here tell me a good pair of fans to replace them?
  10. I did a clean install of GTX1070 drivers, updated the MSI Gaming APP and updated the BIOS. I have played twice and no crashes... I hope they wont come back
  11. Hey guys, first here's my setup: X_Splinter RIG I built it like 2 months ago and I had this happening once until now. In 1 hour of playing Battlefiled 1 the PC frooze 3 times. Image stops, audio makes a constant noise the lights on the my MSI Gaming GTX 1070 turn off and my PC doesn't respond. Solution is to unplug the power (not even hardware buttons work). I have been playing this game with no problems until now, on theis last freeze the CPU was at 39 ºC and the GPU at 71ºC which is think its normal. Any idea how can troubleshoot this? I find strange
  12. Confirmed... Got my replacement motherboard and now everything is working... And what an awesome machine...
  13. I have the M7 (it was cheaper than the M5) has great audio and looks great. Other than that no big difference
  14. Update: Well I took to a PC repair shop and today they tested it: CPU fine, Ram fine, PSU fine... Motherboard dead I feel stupid I did everything right it was obvious it was dead but anyway, Amazon will replace in 2 days. I hope to have my new rig running next week
  15. Having the radiator as intake will make hot air enter the case as it passes the radiator. Kept the radiator as it is on top as exhaust. The way you have your system is perfect in airflow... It enters in the front to the board and exists in the rear and top. 140mm fans run more silent then 120mm, also kept in mind extra fans wont improve the temp. as much as people tend to think