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Status Updates posted by Techstorm970

  1. Shower thought: Haagen Dazs said backwards is "sad n****."


    Haagen Dazs name controversy when???


    1. TheSLSAMG


      this is an outrage, i shall only eat cow vermont ice cream now

  2. Dear GrubHub,


    Fire your entire marketing department!



    A Concerned Human

  3. "Yo, how's life?"



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    2. Schnoz


      me: awake at 3 am


      brain: (see above)

    3. Java


      Me yesterday with food poisoning

    4. soldier_ph


      When you hit your elbow on the Table your whole Body is gonna (see above)

  4. "Limit your social contact to help control the spread of COVID-19"



    1. Schnoz


      This is kind of the equivalent of celebrities saying how hard staying home is while they reside in a multimillion-dollar mansion.

  5. Coronavirus (curse)

    Roll d20

    Nat 1: An ICU bed appears and you fall unconscious onto it.  Time for death saving throws!

    2-5: You fall ill.  Take 20 poison damage.

    6-15: The isolation gets to you.  Take 20 psychic damage.

    16-19:  You are unharmed, but your satchel isn't.  Lose 20 gold.

    Nat 20: You lucky bastard!  Nothing happens to you.

  6. Happy New Year, LTT Forum!


    I've been lurking from a hidey-hole for a while; life's needs took over a ton of my time.  The rest was eaten by Breath of the Wild, which I can say is an incredible masterpiece of a game!  I left behind some side quests in the end but...meh.  Game took like 100+ hours to complete as it was.


    Some notes:

    • @Eschew is cute. 🧡
    • In my six years of being a PC enthusiast, I have not seen a worse time to build a PC than right now.  Holy shit!
    • What a hot mess Cyberpunk was; I'm glad I didn't get on the hype train!  I feel bad for the devs because it's clear that their managers let themselves get gangbanged by the more impatient, obsessive hype-sters.  Sad!
    • 2020 sucked.  Even more so if, in the context of your life, time is not your friend.  I look forward to the day when the vaccine is widespread, most of the restrictions are lifted, and the torment is mostly over.
  7. This is disgusting, and similar to what MSI was caught doing earlier this year.  Hope they get a ton of blowback for this.


    I repeat, I'm going all-AMD in 2021.  Nvidia is getting too comfy, and Intel needs to get their shit together.

    1. PCGuy_5960


      If I upgrade my GPU, I'll probably still go for Nvidia because of the software features and support. But yeah, this is really weird

    2. SpaceGhostC2C
    3. Grumpy Old Man
  8. Facts!  Even if these AirPods Max headphones are good, there will be better options in the $500 range, maybe even below that!

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    2. sub68
    3. Den-Fi



      That said, I am not expecting them to even blow away the $180 AKG K371 BT.

      But if someone wants to pay $370 more for ANC and ecosystem comforts... they will and sound isn't going to stop them.

      Just look at how many people buy the non-sealing AirPods. 99% of the market doesn't give a crap about sound and they don't know any better.

      A lifestyle brand putting lifestyle first is.... good business.

    4. sub68



      But if someone wants to pay $370 more for ANC and ecosystem comforts... they will and sound isn't going to stop them.

      *looks at all wired headphone and earbuds

      I hate bt

  9. *sigh*  Dealing with an anti-vaxxer is exhausting, to say the least...

    1. wkdpaul


      The thing is, these people usually won't accept any evidence presented, they'll always have an excuse to dismiss what you present them, but somehow Aunt Jane on Facebook is 100% right despite not presenting any proof or evidence.


      I personally stopped (for the most part) interacting with these people, they pretty much all suffer from the Dunning–Kruger effect and will come out of a discussion convinced they totally "owned" you, despite not making any sense and being oblivious to how wrong they are.

    2. Techstorm970


      @wkdpaul The person I'm speaking of is mainly just gullible, as many who were sheltered and abused as kids are.  So in that way it's just tragic.  Doesn't make it less frustrating to deal with, though.


      The Internet can spread conspiracy theories just as easily as anything else.  At its foundation, it's just a communication tool, so this phenomenon isn't hard to rationalize on the tech side.


      Mutual respect is all I can offer to her in real life, though.  If she turns into "Jane" and stops respecting my stance, which I'm beginning to worry about, then I'm done.  It would hurt, but I have other friends.  Healthy relationships are a two-way street.

  10. *asks Google for a sign with a celebrity quote on it*

    *gives me the celebrity's horoscope*

  11. Bad news: The Steam Fall Sale compelled me to buy Dirt Rally 2.0...a game I forgot I already bought on Humble Bundle.


    Good news: I bought the Game of the Year edition on Steam, which includes a metric fuck ton of DLC that, when bought separately, is worth WAY more than the $13 I paid on Steam, even on sale!  The Humble Bundle purchase included none of this extra content.


    Good news resulting from the good news: GIVEAWAY TIME!!!



  12. BC57374E-131B-45C5-9E7C-DEEACEF05ACD.jpeg.f91d666ef24aa84c1f9c32c6d816ca58.jpeg

    1. handymanshandle
    2. like_ooh_ahh


      The Italians would probably disagree about the lasagna, pasta and pizza :D

    3. Bombastinator


      I would especially think pizza. They dug so very very hard to find something even similar to pizza so they could claim they owned it. As late as the 80’s pizza wasn’t eaten AT ALL in Italy.  It took a massive cash bounty and multiple years to find something that even vaguely resembled pizza.  The EU food monopoly system France set up though meant pizza ownership was worth billions, so lo and behold it was found.  Big surprise.   I still think it’s BS.  Lutefisk is more Norwegian than pizza is Italian, and that’s not very much. Italian-American I would take, just as lutefisk is Norwegian-American.  It’s not the same thing though.

  13. I'm looking at all these Ryzen 5000 and Apple M1 benchmarks and man...Intel is just getting gangbanged at this point...


    You are legitimately better off buying a Mac Mini and a monitor instead of a heavily-upgraded 2020 iMac...


    It's a massacre...



    1. dizmo


      Intel can weather a real long storm. It won't be long until they're back on their game again.


  14. When you hit a chicken with an egg in Minecraft and it hatches

    (0:33 - 0:38)

    1. FloRolf


      Didn't know they still made asdfmovies lmao. 

  15. So Apple's M1 processor appears to be:

    • On par (approximately) with the Ryzen 4000H series...perhaps better...
    • More power efficient than any desktop/laptop processor in existence (duh, it's ARM!)
    • Passively cooled (again, it's ARM)
    • Paired with a GPU with performance somewhere in between a GTX 1050 and GTX 1650.  For integrated graphics, that's amazing!  (I have no doubt it beats Intel's iGPU dumpster fire and Nvidia's struggling MX line, but AMD's APU graphics?  I'll wait for benchmarks.)
    • Natively supporting PCIe 4 and USB 4.  And those will be used in the MacBooks and Mac Minis.  This makes Apple early adopters of both!  Dad will be happy that someone is doing it!

    Apple is probably the king of power efficiency now, which will draw more attention to them.  They're back to innovating, and even it isn't like the Steve Jobs days, it's still cool to see!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Den-Fi


      If my future chip you mean next week.... then yes lol.

    3. Schnoz


      It is actively cooled in the Mac mini and Macbook Pro 13", but I think the fan will spin relatively slowly (because it's ARM), and it looks the Mac mini heatsink uses  aluminum extrusion instead of stamped fins and heatpipes (because it's ARM).

    4. Bombastinator


      Found the reference.  I hadn’t seen the Apple release then.  My understanding is CISC based stuff and RISC based stuff make about the same amount of heat when they are actually working.  The difference is RISC stuff has much much better wait state capacity.  M1 seems to be tsmc5 though which may be making the difference.  Intel14 is big and getting long in the tooth at this point.

  16. (cover photo is not what the post is about)


    "C'mon guys!  At least put @sub68's soldier girls on it or something!  At least then you would walk through the store with some dignity and self-respect!" 😂

    1. sub68


      I really want to make a waifu pc

      but the gpu back plate will be custom

  17. New look forums!!!


    Honestly, they basically just changed the font and logo and nothing else.  (Unless there's some subtle UI change in here, too.)


    Edit:  Oooooh there is!  Multi-quote button!  Reactions are reported a little differently, etc...

    Edit 2:  Oooooh this is different...


    Name and post date below post title.  And a share button.

  18. 2AAD8EE2-24F8-4763-BA06-3A8EAC4D6582.jpeg.e235fe72d0ba5b6cfba43853ccf6bb8c.jpeg

    Woah, can you teach me how to Stan??? 😁

    1. soldier_ph


      I don't like the new redesign of the Buttons and Icons on YouTube. It's worse than before IMO.

  19. AMD just undercut the RTX 3090.  By a lot.


    They undercut the RTX 3080 too, if I'm not mistaken.


    I'll likely have a 5000 series card next year since they'll be occupying the low to midrange markets.  Still, this is awesome!


    AMD Radeon hasn't been this competitive since 2014!!!  Awesome!!!

    1. Den-Fi


      I got the software fears tho.

      I realllllllllllllllllllllllly hope they spent the time to overcome them.

      But intense skepticism remains until launch.

    2. dizmo


      I mean, it does have significantly less VRAM. I'd say it's priced pretty appropriately. The real question is, will they be available.

  20. Samuel Kim, you are a genius!

  21. 17DB713D-4EF7-401C-A51C-B668934AE235.jpeg.8505643f3265c25dd47a7efb9033d038.jpeg


    Well, can't say I'm surprised.  Y'know, with how this year has gone...


    RIP anyone who actually enjoyed those discussions. 😞

    1. wkdpaul


      The majority will always suffer because of the system abusers unfortunately :(


      If people didn't post inflammatory stuff, we wouldn't be here.

    2. FloRolf


      Is this only shitty US politics or also the European MasterRace? 

    3. Skiiwee29


      always little shitheads out there trolling and starting flame wars and im sure bots as well sniffing for key words to spam onto.