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  1. While I'm not an expert in government affairs, I'm somewhat confident that Canadian TelCos are already getting some kind of incentive/tax cuts/breaks or some under the table/closed doors type of treatment even before this. So I'm doubtful it'll be successful seeing as how plenty of people get shitty service up and down the ladder regardless of how much you're paying the telecom for your service.
  2. And even once you finish your studies, whether that be college, university or whatever and you still have it downloaded on your computer, you still have access to it, though it only pesters you to sign in with an active account or asks to renew the license. Other than that I still got full functionality even after 1.5 years after I graduated.
  3. Depends on the school, if we're talking about High School, then it's gonna be obvious who's clearly playing a game with their chromebook in the physical class, but unless it's all eLearning, I don't think it'd be too hard for school districts to block websites and certain apps from running on their distributed chromebooks. If we're talking about college/universities, most profs don't care, hell I was playing osu, Dirt rally in the middle of a lecture. I don't have the audio blasting out through my headphones. As long as it's not too obnoxious you won't get in trouble.
  4. Cherry Blues we out here. Anyways how well does it do for fan noise, my room does get quite hot and running and I use a table fan relatively close to me to get some air around.
  5. I think it's always been hard for me to recommend the intel platform given that they charge so much just to be able to overclock, and add-in the most basic overclockable board and you're spending ~$40-50(CAD) ish and maybe more for intel especially at this price point while you can get a B450 board that's a bit under the Tomahawk.
  6. My friend and I discussed the Navi cards, Nvidia's offering is a slap in the face in the mid-upper range cards such as 2060-2070Super if driver quality were good on both sides, there's absolutely no brainer based on price to performance. Meanwhile I think the Vega 64 is still a good card, the 56 I feel just falls short of expectation and it's a sidegrade for me coming from a 980Ti, Radeon 7 still Vega but pricing for it makes no sense to me and I think the Vega series are stable driver wise. The 1660 series is a side grade to me and doesn't really add much to the stack asides Turing NVENC enco
  7. Just quoting Anand, you know from Anandtech when he used to be the head. "there are no bad products, only bad prices". This means that regardless of the cost of materials, if the price is good enough (or even negative), all products might be used by someone. From this article, first paragraph https://www.anandtech.com/show/14915/the-asus-rog-phone-ii-review/2 . The 10600K if they probably release it should be at or slightly below 8700k release price, sans (without) the price gouging that happened when supply was super scarce. If anything there are no improvements besides having highe
  8. In what way do you mean by using them both? You have to be specific it's like asking if you can drink both coke and pepsi at the same time (sure, maybe people will look at you funny). Using both GPUs to have more screens or running side by side? or Using them both at the same time? Which would be called MDA (Multi Display Adapter), which links/pools together both GPUs regardless of brand/architecture, though performance is affected by which GPU is the primary. https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/216880-ashes-of-the-singularity-demonstrates-nvidia-amd-gpus-working-side-by-side has an articl
  9. It's nice that they got good efficiency gains from maxwell 2.0 (960m)? I can see this on light weight laptops like "semi premium notebooks". But what exactly are you trading having a separate GPU compared to a higher clocked/higher CU iGPU, because I know your idle/full power usage battery life is incredibly cut, and the thermal cooling needed to run it. Is it worth it to have a low power mobile gpu like this?
  10. I mean I could see them sponsoring Toro Rosso or Red Bull, colour wise.
  11. I remember they did alright during the R9 290(x) Hawaii cards which were competitive, forced Nvidia to come out with the 780Ti which was cool. Unfortunately the first big boon in mining killed the supply for ordinary folks who just want to game using Radeon cards.
  12. Well first gen Ryzen thinkpads looks to be safe. Thinkpad E485 with a R5 2500U owner here.
  13. Are there any performance changes to the Tensor cores? It could be a cheaper way to get better ML parts on the cheap.
  14. I'm wondering if you lived in a place with a winter season, did you feel the need to crack open your window?