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  1. So I’ve recently just repasted my MacBook as the thermals were high when on idle. after placing my thermal paste, the whole pc just sticks at 0.8ghz even if the temps are 40c at idle. anyone knows what the issue it?
  2. Thanks guys for the suggestions I guess I'll look around for a 2070 super
  3. I'm currently running a 1800x is it a good idea to get a 2080 super to go with the cpu? only games that i play in 144fps is overwatch I just need other games to look good on 60fps ps. running a 1440p 144hz monitor
  4. I know the A50 doesn't have wireless charging, so I bought a wireless charging receiver. It works on other phones except for my A50, does anyone knows what may cause this to happen?
  5. alright i'll have a go at those settings
  6. So to get started, i have a 1800x overclocked to 3.9ghz paired with a gtx 1080. I game on a 1440p, 144hz monitor. I started streaming overwatch with the x264 encoder(faster preset) and my game can't seem to hit 144fps. It always dips to 90-120fps. anyone has any idea of why this is happening? all my settings in overwatch are like the lowest and i don't think its the gpu problem. Maybe the encoder is taking up to much cpu?
  7. well guess its time to get a new monitor. ps accidently knocked over it while moving. still feeling bad about myself.
  8. So i've recently cracked some parts of my 21:9 monitor and now it looks to be a 16:9. Is it possible to move the entire display window out of the cracked area and make it 16:9 usable?
  9. alright i'll try it cheers mate
  10. @kirashi yea i plugged in to another computer and same thing happens. Not getting anything even in device manager....
  11. So i was transferring data from my pc to my hdd and it hung halfway. Stupidly enough i went to unplug the hdd and now its not even getting detected. Anyone knows if i F up big time?
  12. ryzen 1800x gigabyte ax370 gaming 5 going well for about a year and this just happened all components were the same
  13. So my pc just went into infinite boot loop Is there a solution to this? or is my mobo screwed. gpu ram and cpu are all tested and are alright.
  14. @NMS so by clearing the cmos I can reflash the bios? Because now it’s just cycling through random errors and nothing shows on screen.