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  1. Contacted Intel Customer Service. The suggestion given is to install this HDD on another computer for data recovery. I used EaseUS, which helped me recover most of the data (but there are still a lot of data lost, unable to open, no file name, No directories etc.). After the recovery is complete, Optane is bound to a 1TB hard drive for game acceleration, but it is no longer used on hard drives with important data. Therefore, I suggest that everyone, Raid0 is a terrible thing, a little carelessness may cause data loss, so when using Optane memory, be careful not to use it on the hard disk with
  2. These are the screenshots from the RST section in BIOS. MSI_SnapShot.bmp MSI_SnapShot_00.bmp MSI_SnapShot_01.bmp
  3. So I can now take out my 6TB disk from the current desktop computer and install it on another desktop computer to read the 6TB HDD data? What I am worried about is that if I remove this 6TB hard drive, will the array be completely destroyed, resulting in the loss of 6TB data? (And thank you very much for your reply and help at this late hour in UK!:D)
  4. Wait, so you mean I can just take my HDD to another desktop, plug it in, then I can dump the data from that desktop?
  5. No, because I can't find the 6TB HDD in the Explorer, but I can see the 6TB HDD model in Bios. Intel officially said that the HDD will be offline, so I don't know if my data is still there, I am kindda worried
  6. I may have forgotten to mention that the cloned hard drives are two NVMe SSDs, both of which belong to the laptop, and have nothing to do with the desktop. I unplugged the Optane from the desktop and plugged in those two NMVe SSD's for data transfer. After the transfer was completed, I unplugged those two SSDs and plugged the Optane back on again, and that 6TB HDD that linked to my Optane just gone
  7. So here is what happened. I bought a 2TB NVMe for my laptop. I unplugged the previous NVMe from the laptop and wanted to clone data, but I needed two M.2 slots (I didn’t buy an M.2 external adapter), so I Looking at my desktop computer, there are exactly two M.2 slots on the motherboard, one of which is plugged into an Optane and connected to a 6TB HDD. I didn't think much about it at the time, I just wanted to finish the work quickly, and I could take my laptop to the college the next day. After the transfer was completed, I plugged my Optane back into the previous M.2 and didn't turn it on.
  8. Hmmm, sounds good to me, I'll try it, Thank you!
  9. I am using cable, and I am sure that my server and my PC are all capable of 1 Gbps. The point is while transferring large files, the speed of the entire house will become very slow. like the device that using wifi, or even my PC that was transferring files.
  10. If I switch to a better router, can it become more faster on transfer files?
  11. I am using a Fios home network and then connecting my PC and my server via a router. I use the PC's "Mstsc" remote desktop to transfer files to the server. It takes 10 minutes for 800MB. Also try to use sharing and Using a PC to access, The speed is still slow. And while transferring large files, the speed of the entire house will become very slow, even access to Google will take about 3-4 minutes. I still want to make a Steam Cache server. It seems that this speed is slower to download locally than from Steam lol. Should I switch to a new router or buy a switch(Not Nintendo)?
  12. I really want NEW Razer Blade 14...Because I don't have any lab top now.... I hope I can win......