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  1. Oh... Fucking India. Yeah. They sprung a whole new "BIS" requirement on us (essentially, you bribe the government to ship your products into their country. Much like EAC for Russia.) which also required a BIS logo on the spec label. So they just went ahead and redid the whole artwork since the BIS logo is the size of a half dollar on the god damn spec label. The BIS certification is like Trump's tariffs. Except India customers don't have the extra 25% to spend on tariffs (but China is paying it! NOT!). So what they did instead was made it very difficult to import
  2. SFX and SFX-L are the same height and width. Only the depth changes. So that opens you up to more options. Also, they're not "significantly more expensive" than a PSU of equal performance. You get what you pay for. For example, an SF750 should be compared to an HX750. Not a CX750. If you're building this with cheap parts expecting to hit a low cost target, then I'm out.
  3. Why not use an SFX PSU? Much smaller.
  4. Link? You mean black like the RM (non-X) and CV? Probably just an artwork revision. My team hasn't done anything to the VS in a few years.
  5. Not typically. I just don't know how they're operating as a company lately. You know.. with component shortages, COVID, etc.
  6. You're right! I was probably thinking of the SFX. It's NZXT that's been using Seasonic as of late. I get confused with all of these second tier case manufacturers suddenly selling PSUs and who makes what. So.. I don't know what High Power's issue is. I don't talk/work with them at all.
  7. Pretty sure I'm not the one here missing the point. "assume". Good word to use here. Beause NOWHERE is it ever implied by ANYONE (that knows what they are talking about) that an efficiency rating is some sort of gauge of quality. 80 PLUS doesn't imply it on their site. Nor does any reviewer than does anything more than an unboxing. There's no reason to "assume" that one PSU of better EFFICIENCY is better than one of lesser EFFICIENCY because "Bronze", "Gold", etc. are merely EFFICIENCY levels. Efficiency simply means how much DC output is converted from AC input. The ratio of AC
  8. Opinion? No. I've seen high end 850W PSUs not work with slightly overclocked CPUs and/or out of the box GPU overclock (example: EVGA FTW3 3080), so yes. Nvidia expects a 750W PSU to be able to do 975W for 20ms and not shut down. And that's just not a realistic expectation for every unit on the market. If they know the graphics card can peak at 975W, then they should be suggesting 1000W PSUs. Yes. A 750W or 850W works in MOST CASES, but they're relying too much on the secondary caps having enough capacitance to maintain that kind of load.
  9. It outputs 850W. It's Gold efficiency (not sure why you keep bringing up it's efficiency as it doesn't play a part here). Therefore it's not defective.
  10. That's not why you have recalls. You have recalls for defective parts. The GA850 can output 850W. So you wouldn't recall it for that reason. Also, there are A LOT of PSUs out there that say they are 850W, but can only do 850W for 1 second at 25°C. Also, the 750W is a stupid recommendation from Nvidia because it doesn't take into account transient spikes from the graphics card. There are plenty of 850W PSUs out there that can easily put out 850W, but cannot handle the spikes from a 3080 that can easily exceed 850W, though only for a few milliseconds. But
  11. No. I'm not telling you not to use those parts, silly. I'm saying that RMx, RMi, HX and HXi do not use the same long lead time MLCC parts that Seasonic uses.
  12. They're not going to recall a PSU for not having enough power. That's kind of silly. Yours could be working because of the TDP 9900k that you're just under the precipice. There's a combination of things. Also, what motherboard are you using? I have better luck with some over others. And finally, run Prime 95 stress test in the back ground. The run Furmark in the foreground. Press the space bar every 5 seconds or so. If the PC keeps running, you're probably fine.
  13. Well.. one example? Isolated incident, perhaps?
  14. Which is why you need more static pressure than CFM. If you lack static pressure, the RPM has to be higher in order to increase CFM in order to compensate.
  15. Ok. I tend to not expand people's signatures. So a Lian-Li PC 011 Dynamic. So the PSU fan is literally pointing right at the side panel so you can't help but hear it whenever it runs. ANY PSU is going to be loud in that case. Also, I used 2000 RPM as a reference point using the max RPM to show max CFM and pressure. If you want a full report, it's going to take a lot more than a forum post to explain as each test report is an XLS with ten tabs.