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  1. It's that jankiness that I want more off. But they really need to use that workshop. They still make videos about mini PC cases and complain about it being bad when they already got the machines to build one themselves. I liked the recent vid where they 3d printed their own case. Personally I like watching more of their own videos than product reviews.
  2. While I somewhat agree with you, but who doesn't want to see Linus build overkill stuff like he always does.
  3. Well that's where you are wrong. I can barely see my phone (430 nits) in the sunlight. If you live in the UK, then 'full sun' might be different for you. Watch the video to understand
  4. I have a video suggestion. I saw this video by DIY Perks on YouTube where he built an extra bright TV for cheap. I suggest that Linus should make an extra bright gaming monitor for the outside of his house. Linus bought so many machines but they aren't being used at all. I miss the old Linus where he water cooled using an AC unit & much more. He at least did diy back then.