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  1. @Carmacktron if you were to let go of such a rare beast, what pricetag would you put on it, I've been hunting for a few CRTs and this one is definitely on the list
  2. Hey all I'm looking to hunt down a working Sony FH7 Mk 2 complete with CD player and Record Player and all in Silver. I would prefer if it were an Australian/NZ unit, however, I will consider ones from other countries if shipping is available at a relatively affordable price. It must have everything and be in good condition functionally and visually. Thanks all
  3. Hey all I'm looking for a pretty rare and hard to find multimedia 5.25 bay accessory, specifically the Antec Veris Premier. I cannot find it in Australia, USA or Europe, and not even Ebay, Amazon or PC part shops can help me. Do any of you have any leads or own one yourselves that you'd be willing to sell and ship to Australia? I'd be willing to pay well for a unit in good condition with everything including the remote and driver CD and I will pay for the shipping Thanks all
  4. Hey all! I'm building up my PC and the only case I like is the Fractal Design Meshify C, however, the PSU I already own seems to be slightly larger than the case's dimentions. However, I have seen elsewhere that people have been able to fit full size power supplies inside this case. Is this confirmed and possible? I really don't like many other cases on the market and I really don't want to have to buy another new power supply Thanks
  5. Godly Linus is disappointed with what you all have done, your all going to the fiery pits of GTX 480 and Radeon r9 fury x hell
  6. Hey all I need a andriod backup tool that works like itunes', where it can backup absolutely everything to pc and preferably I'd prefer a free solution. It annoying that all the backup utilities I've seen are just for very specific things and that most require a purchase and will only backup to your own device and not a pc. Its a joke that there is no unified backup system. If there are any tools like this please let me know Thanks
  7. Hey all I have been planning my PC build for a long time now since late 2015, and over the past 3 years due to technological advances and financial issues, I never had the chance to start saving and buying many parts, and so throughout this period, my build has changed considerably since to match the current PC trends and take advantage of the best tech for the budget I have allocated. Now right to the point, I have purchased my case; an NZXT Phantom 820 gunmetal a while ago before the whole tempered glass, RGB and brushed aluminum trend came along and now it feels a bit dated
  8. I have already reinstalled the game twice, and my pc as stated above doesn't have a GPU yet, it relies on integrated intel graphics.
  9. I was playing gmod when I installed an addon; Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid (simfphys), when I loaded up a new map (In Singleplayer), my game would not run any higher than 15 fps, it usually runs at 60 and sometimes even higher. I unsubscribed from the addon, however the issue remains, please help. I also have roughly 1500-2000 addons but these never have created any issues until this one addon My Specs: - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit - Intel Core i5-3470 @ 3.20 GHz - Intel integrated graphics (about to upgrade to GTX 770 2gb) - 8gb dual channel ddr3 memory @ 798MHz
  10. Hey All! I was playing ETS2 when I saw the new beta for v 1.3, so I opted for it. When I initially installed the beta, all my steam workshop addons worked completely fine. However, today when I loaded Euro Truck up again quite a few of my mods were incompatible on the same beta. Mainly, there are texture issues with the dials/gauges in the truck as pictured below. I tried to revert back to the previous version of Euro Truck but nothing has so far worked. Please answer if you know how to fully revert back to a previous build of ETS2. All incompatible mods:
  11. damn, well thanks for replying, guess I'll have to save $90 for the game I got on disc on steam ;n;
  12. im also getting this error: "1607: unable to install installshield scripting Runtime"
  13. ???? would this be because needed files would have been removed from windows since FSX released?
  14. Hey all! I was trying to install Flight Simulator X on my windows 10 machine earlier, and I ran into some issues regarding idrive.exe being missing from my file system. This is odd because this system is essentially freshly installed with windows 10 and so there shouldn't be any files missing. I do, however, suspect that this file may have been removed since FSX was released. What should I do about this, I have searched the net and cannot find a single thing that can help me. System Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.20GHz - Ivy Bridge 22nm RAM: 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798
  15. Hey all I have been trying to get my Keyboard and Mouse to share with my Powermac G5 through Synergy, however I have had no avail. What would you guys suggest? I don't need anything fancy, just something that will hook my Windows 10 machine's keyboard and mouse to my powermac through a network KVM thanks
  16. Hey, about to get a Nissan Skyline R34 GT N/A (no turbo version because stupid laws say that when you are on P plates, you can't have any type of forced induction) anyway, im planning to put some body kits on it to make it look like the GTR V-spec, but down the track I want to know if its possible to convert the drivetrain from RWD to AWD? I would buy an actual GTR V-spec if they didn't cost $70,000, so I'm sorta planning to make a "poor man's" GTR V-spec. I can get an RB26DETT and the original dashboard computer for $9000 and the car for $12,000 and the body kits and r
  17. Mainly as a media player pc and classic gaming, nothing too intense, mainly for fun rather than practicality, thats why I have a pc workstation
  18. weird, when I paste your links in, it says nothing found
  19. In Australia, even early low spec G5s go for ludicrous prices, up to $500 for one half covered in piss, not joking, I got mine at a steal for $130 (including shipping) from the UK compared to the same model here for $300 min. So Mac Pros in complete working order go for $700+. Not really willing to go that far, thus why upgrading MBO, CPU, RAM and GPU is cheaper and seemed more viable
  20. true, maybe I'll have to find a new case and transfer the other parts over
  21. Hey its the guy from youtube! Didn't know that, is there a way to change the layout to accommodate for the other motherboard?
  22. I wasn't asking about which mac is better than the G5, I was asking for advice on upgrading my G5, sorry to sound like an ass, but I didn't ask the community to simply get a response telling me that something else is better than what I already have when I wanted to know how to improve what I already own