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    Dragonforce234 got a reaction from pinksnowbirdie in My very first thread   
    Hello LinusTechTip Forums! I am Dragonforce234 (aka: Xavier) and recently joined the LTT Forums! !!! I decided to join because my friend ShadowTechXTS is part of the forums and has been for a while because of his 3000+ posts! I looking forward to meeting some of the people on the forums and learn a little more about technology! Hope to read some replies ! Until next time!
                Sincerely - Xavier Nelson
    P.S. If you do not know @ShadowTechXTS then I recommend you check him out! He is intelligent with computers and if you have technology issues, I recommend asking him, he is always active during non-school hours and loves helping people. 
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    Dragonforce234 got a reaction from evilarceus in My very first thread   
    Oh god, too many of the leet dank memes
    I have already read 21 of them and aint nobody got time for that!