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    just raw dog it


  • CPU
    3770k i7
  • Motherboard
    sabertooth z77
  • RAM
    32 gigs of grab bag ram ddr3
  • GPU
    gtx 1080
  • Storage
    250 gig ssd 3tb hdd
  • PSU
    corsair 850w
  • Display(s)
    3x 1920x1080
  • Cooling
    hyper 212 evo
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    black widow
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    razer naga
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    can tied to sound card

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  1. ehhh the issue is when one file is on one side of the tape and the other is at the end of the tape not to mention fragmentation unless you do entire tape rewrites and they are only good for a few writes
  2. Alaradia


    what version of display port cable are you using? if you have a hdmi lying around you may want to try it as well
  3. have you checked to see if you have any bent or warped pins
  4. can you link the model of the switch?
  5. should probably last about 1-2 years at MAX SETTINGS though a more reasonable setting while still be high probably 7-8 years though it really depends the last bunch of years computer hardware kinda stagnated and amd seems to be making it so that stagnation is over which could mean less years if intel is competive. though ive been running a 3770k for 8 years now and with mild overclocking i can still play games on high settings and only swapping the gpu 4 years ago to a gtx 1080. though with any future proof questions this awnser is just speculations and theres no way to really know it mostly d
  6. Thoose are pretty awesome thell work good for the small cables. I'm guessing there isn't a version for computer power cables thoose tend to be my biggest issue. I'd personally prefer if there was some sort of straight cable hanger instead of having to bundle the bigger ones since I tend to have to grab for them alot and then put them back again
  7. I have alot of unused power cables Ethernet HDMI micro USB and more cables. I was wondering if any one knew of good wire storage hanger or some way of storing them so they are easily grabable and don't take up to much space currently I'm just hanging some on screws but a better option would be perffered (sorry if this is wrong fourm section)
  8. Im down though we should probly host it on the lan im guessing the dedicated host handmeat mentioned is in a seperate datacenter and not being brought to the lan ill have 2 laptops so ill be able to host if needed. but if some one has a really beefy desktop system it may be better for them to run it
  9. it is light so it does tend to run faster but the issue is game compatibility if you want to play modern and new games like apex legends don't expect to or any other new games its fine if the games you play are native to linux but trying to game on linux raises the difficulty a lot unless you just use steam proton 2 productivity tasks if by editing you mean video editing you'll have to learn kaiden live and you can use adobe on it since there's no linux adobe 3. linux shines in daily use as long as by daily use you mean web browsing it works on most websites perfectly fin
  10. the motherboard should've come with 2 black pieces that were screwed into those holes that are now empty
  11. Oh i see the issue did you have another cooler on that before your mother board seems to be missing the bracket that comes with the motherboard
  12. do you have any part that looks like wrong manual
  13. can you take a picture of both sides of the instruction manual
  14. looks like a am4 if you read the compatibility list the one i could find lists Intel 115x, Intel 2011/2066, AMD AM3/AM2 but not am4 always check that the cooler your getting is compatible with your socket you may be a able to order a bracket it for it