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  1. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to Narnash in Does Ryzen Get Stuck?   
    I'm personally not a big fan of this soaking method, generally it should work, but even though it's only isopropyl alcohol it might damage plastic parts on the motherboard (if you have an acrylic window on the case it can cause microcraks fairly easily, too) leave stains on painted objects and so on.
    As long the themal paste is not ancient old the whole heatsink removal is fairly unlikely to cause any issues, also a "pulled CPU with heatsink" is not damaged at all in most cases. Slightly bent pins are very easy to fix and ripped pins by sticky heatsinks are maybe case by one of a 1000 of those who pulled their CPU and heatsink together.
    Ryzen is a young platform, warm paste has a lower viscosity I think you should be fine. Just don't rip, pull and twist the whole thing like a jackass than should nothing get damadged.
    BTW so far I removed (changed) my Ryzen CPU heatsink now in my system 3 times and replaced the heatsink in the Ryzen system of a friend once and so far I didn't pulled it out of it's socket, so I guess it's less of an issue on this platform.
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    Mike Soda reacted to TheReal_ist in Does Ryzen Get Stuck?   
    Thank you, I was going to post this but you summed it up, pretty well. 
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    Mike Soda reacted to Narnash in Does Ryzen Get Stuck?   
    Nah ... it's not really stuck. Thermal paste ist just a sticky stuff and the PGA style sockets just can't hold the CPU as strongly in place as the LGA sockets intel use (LGA is pushing the PCB of the CPU down and PGA just "clamps" all pins in it's hole, you can see the mechanism when you "close" socket without a CPU in it)
    To make sure you don't damage anything you can just twist very gently and see if the cooler can already "slide" a bit when you removed the screws from the cooler (than it should be safe to remove it normaly), a still a bit warm CPU and thermal paste can help with that (just let the CPU heat up a bit befre you try to remove the cooler).
     You can also try (if you can) to open the socket with the cooler still on top than you can remove CPU and cooler together and get the CPU of the cooler by twisting it.
    Just make sure when you remove the CPU to pull it straight up (as I said a bit of gentle twisting while you don't pull it is OK, but twist and pull like most people do on intel sockets might bent pins if you unlucky*) the CPU might get removed with it put that's usually fine.
    PS: a few bent pins are not a super big issue though, razor blades, ball point pens, needles, tweezer and a magnifing lens can bent them back fairly easily. BTW even ripped of pins can be soldered back on ( I did it myself once) and heard from a a friend that a nice jeweler soldered a pin back on for him.
  4. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to Keystone Nyan Cat in Who's Double Shotted?   
    I'm pretty sure that Cooler Master and Corsair provide genuine parts on their keyboards... Did you mean that the smaller companies go into greater detail as to the caps they use? 
    @Mike Soda- I've currently got a CM MasterKeys M with me; if you'd like/ think it'd help; I can attach photos of it. I'm not an expert on mechanical keyboards, but I can try and also answer any questions you may have on it.
  5. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to Fictionvl in Who's Double Shotted?   
    Generally yes they do. But, I also dont mean that CM and Corsair provide cheaper or less premium solutions, they do, but lesser companies do it better.
  6. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to Bouzoo in Who's Double Shotted?   
    If you're looking for double shot keycaps, my best advice would be to pick a proper keyboard and a keycap set. That is if you budget allows it because they an get quite pricey. Out of those, I can only recommend MS Pro S. Corsair has a non standard bottom row and finding keycaps for them can be quite a bitch, unless you go the route that Nick mentioned above. Logitech has Romer-G switches which I personally can't recommend, but that's subjective.
    Also do mind that Ducky is still up there when it comes to quality. It may be no (imo) Filco, Varmilo or Leopold, but it's up there.
  7. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to Corsair Nick in Who's Double Shotted?   
    If you're looking at getting a Corsair K70 LUX RGB, and want PBT Double Shot keycaps, we have that combo now...kinda.  The PBT double shot keycaps were just released in white and black a couple weeks ago, and can be installed on any of our Cherry MX keyboards with a matching layout.  You will need to purchase them in addition to the keyboard.
    I installed them a couple weeks back, and love 'em.  You can see both colors we have available.

  8. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to geo3 in Who's Double Shotted?   
    You could just buy a keycap set separately. And unless you need light legends on dark background or weird color combos just go for dye-sublimated keycaps. They're just as durable as double shots and will cost less. Also they're more likely to be made of PBT which is a superior plastic to ABS
  9. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to Fictionvl in Who's Double Shotted?   
    This shouldn't put you off, maybe ducky doesnt support my point but you need to look around for better quality keyboards.
    check reddit mechanical keyboards page which will help u alot.
  10. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to DrMacintosh in Corrupted Sounding Audio   
    What about your mobos audio codec? How is it? 
  11. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to Tabs in Corrupted Sounding Audio   
    The NVidia driver audio codec you're referring to would only be for audio sent via the hdmi/displayport cables on the back of your gpu. Any internal headers or rear 3.5mm connected to your motherboard are related to your built in audio drivers - probably realtek but others are around too - and would therefore have nothing to do with your display driver.
    Have you updated your built-in audio drivers recently?
  12. Funny
    Mike Soda got a reaction from TheGlenlivet in NH-C14S VS NH-U14S   
    Thanks & by the way love your pic, lol I miss Bob Ross
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    Mike Soda reacted to TheGlenlivet in NH-C14S VS NH-U14S   
    The design of the C14S is to let it fit in a small form factor case.  The U14S will do a better job cooling your CPU, but if you don't have the room the C14S is still a good cooler.  The VRM cooling is a side benefit of the C14S design, but good case air flow will do the same thing.
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    Mike Soda got a reaction from handymanshandle in AM4 CPU Cooler Poll   
    I actually can't get the H1 Ultimate even if I wanted to, as it doesn't have enough RAM clearence. Now the H1 Universal does but that white cover would be hideous in my system. Right now it's a new 3 way tie between the MSI Core Frozr L, NH-U14S & NH-C14S. Of course both the Noctua choices would be getting their fans swapped for the black chromax ones. Due to new budget limitations I'm gonna have to no longer consider the NH-D15, because there's just too many other more important things I need to buy.
  15. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to LogicalDrm in Cooling Combo Confliction   
    Thats how its by default. Here's pic where 1st fan is raised. Which is option as your case has 190mm clearance. Meading that fans top can be 30mm higher than heatsinks top.

    Other options with that fan setup is to use 120mm fan as first fan. U14S is good alternative with bit less cooling performance.
  16. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to LogicalDrm in Cooling Combo Confliction   
    What RAM you are using if its going to be issue with D15? And have you considered U14S as option?
  17. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to LogicalDrm in Cooling Combo Confliction   
    You mean Ripjaw V? Vengeance is Corsairs model. It actually fits under both D15 and U14S fins. First being 64mm and latter 41mm. Since your case has room for it, you can raise fans to accommodate taller RAM. Other option with D15 is to have outee fan as pull on the other side. Or use 120mm fan pushing. Same with U14S.
  18. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to LogicalDrm in Cooling Combo Confliction   
    D15 is so big that it can only be mounted one way. And with that RAM will definetly fit under the fins. You are only moving 1 of 2 fans, or if you adding 3rd fan, it would need to be raised or 120mm.
  19. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to johndms in Too Much Voltage, Should I Worry?   
    Yeah, CPU VDD is the line to focus on.
    If you set 1.350 in your bios, it should not be going over by much. 1.381 shouldn't happen. Your goal should be to stay as close to 1.350 during full load without going over. Do note that the highest settings of LLC are extremely dangerous. I'd stay around LLC1-5 and never use 7 or 8 regardless of what those at MSI tell you. Extreme LLC can cause a massive, temporary voltage spike (1.5v, 1.6v) when returning to idle from full load. You won't see this spike in any software monitor. I don't care how good someone says a board is, don't do it.
    Have a look at Buildzoid's video where he details how LLC works and the dangers of Extreme LLC. He knows what he's talking about.
  20. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to Jason_Tan_ in Cooling Combo Confliction   
    If im not mistaken, Gamers Nexus uses the msi core frozr L for most of their cooling tests. It might be beneficial for you to check there. PS I would check for you but its 2am here soo yeah.
  21. Agree
    Mike Soda reacted to Trulop in Cooling Combo Confliction   
    The Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4 is a very solid and one of the most popular coolers. It performs great while still being able to be pretty quiet. Not as familiar with the others however.
    Even if things are within 2-3 DB of each other, you maybe not even be able to tell that difference, where as 3-5C difference is quite a bit more of wiggle room for cooling, so id say as long as they are close to the same DB, if one gives better cooling results go with that one. Since your using a 1500X at the moment, mostly anything that performs a bit better than the stock cooler will get the job done for as far as you can push your CPU. If you want just over the top headroom with low temps or plan on upgrade in the future and want to leave space for something that produces higher heat however, might not be a bad choice to just go all the way now instead of buying a cooler twice later on
  22. Like
    Mike Soda reacted to Trulop in Cooling Combo Confliction   
    You definately wont be unhappy with Noctua (even more now that they dont have to be ugly beige =P). They are great cooler and is why a LOT of people use them, and also youtubers use them to benchmark on air cooling often.
  23. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to Trulop in Cooling Upgrade For Ryzen 5 1500X & MasterCase Pro 3   
    your CPU under maximum load should be fine in the 80-85C range, if it goes any higher then id back it down a step. 3.8 on stock cooler under 80C is pretty good though =P and its also and its also a pretty good OC for Ryzen chips (3.8-4.0 is rough average) so id say you have a pretty decent chip as well. Ya the chromax stuff as far as i know is kind of a new thing, so not sure how many places carry them or what availability looks like.
  24. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to Jason_Tan_ in Cooling Combo Confliction   
    I cant say anything regarding their mounting systems as I dont own any of the listed coolers, but what I can say is that any cooler that you have listed in the 2nd grouping is way overkill for an R5 1500x even if its overclocked. If I were you I would go with the MSI Core Frozr L any day of the week especially when paired with your msi mobo. The msi cooler comes with a black top cover too so itll match your board perfectly. The 1a is also good but for the price it is really not all that good. Possibly consider getting a cryorig h7 or their quad lumi variant as those are also really good for the price imo.
  25. Informative
    Mike Soda reacted to Trulop in Cooling Upgrade For Ryzen 5 1500X & MasterCase Pro 3   
    Noctua chromax series has new colors  no more ugly beige! lol
    Honestly, if you have good airflow in your case, the stock wraith cooler does a great job, even with some OC on it. In terms of fans that usually come with cases, sometimes they are bad and sometimes they can be good, kinda depends on the case and who your buying it from. I would have to say that most cases under 100$ might not have the "best" fans you could get usually, and if they only come with 2 fans (1 in and 1 out) then that might not be enough airflow. Getting good positive airflow in your case is something you should aim for to keep things nice and cool. pretty much, If you have more air being sucked into the case than being pushed out, it forces the hot air out of the case so theres no potential buildup of hot air. Jayz2cents does some videos on positive airflow, definately take a look for a more in depth. 
    Even with middle grade fans, if you have good airflow, you'll probably still do alright. Will they be as effective as the higher end fans? maybe not. Will they be as quiet and move as much air in comparison? also maybe not. But any decent fans should be able to get the job done if configured correctly, So i advise beefing up your airflow first, then seeing if you actually need a better cooler. Under max load if your cpu doesnt pass 80-85C your fine. Hope this helps a bit =P