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  1. Wow despite how closely I thought I looked before, that Sparklight page does list modem only models lol. Now I can get whichever Nighthawk router only I want to pair with it.
  2. Thanks, I'll compare em both now & decide!
  3. All the supported modems sparklight lists are combo units as seen here https://support.sparklight.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009158227-Supported-Cable-Modems-Residential-Only I wanted 2 separate units because then I could get QoS & many other features but I haven't been able to find any listed as compatible with this company. I've checked Amazon & nothing unless I'm just searching for it wrong, suggestions?
  4. After moving & dealing with that mess I found myself having to switch from CenturyLink to Sparklight. The speed increase is nice but I do miss my unlimited data, although that's not currently an issue. I'm renting one of their Hiltron modem/router combos & it's range is just terrible. There also aren't any QoS features & well honestly I'd just rather own my own, preferably by Netgear. Upon browsing Sparklights list of modems & comparing features I've narrowed it down to 3. Unfortunately none of them have QoS, apparently there aren't any cable modem/router combos that do. What a
  5. My mother wants some wireless (wired together) bluetooth IEMS for her Moto e5 Play. Around $25 is her budget but I can kick that up to about $50. She wants the wired together kind so she can take 1 or both out & let them dangle around her neck. Water resistance is a must as she'll be using them during yardwork along with good range. I've found some cheap chinese things on Amazon but I want to know what y'all would recommend.
  6. When I go to Nvidia's site & try downloading new drivers for my 1060 I'm met with this. I got there by clicking on 436.30 via this page after selecting all the proper options. Can someone please tell me where I'm supposed to go now for the latest drivers or is Nvidia's site just having a temp issue?
  7. After updating to Windows 10 Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.295) I encounter the following error every time I log into windows after a shutdown. Classic shell itself works fine after I close that prompt but I'm wondering how I can allow it to update properly like it used to with previous versions of windows.
  8. Tried it & found the tone but sounds the same as what another submitted. I think I just need to make the sound myself or ask someone to.
  9. I'll try it now thanks, if that doesn't work & my ambient noise is too loud to record myself making the tone I want then I may try asking someone here to record it for me if they have a sound proof studio.
  10. Yes that 1!! but less official, more like if someone with a nasally voice said it instead lol. The version of Doom for flip phones many years ago had the exact sound I'm looking for whenever you obtained an item I think.
  11. I'm sorry no, I'm wondering if the sound just exists somewhere in the form of a download intended for app notifications. The actual jaws song is too long, just the 2 syllable first part "baa-na!" I think is how it's spelled is what I want.
  12. If this is in wrong catagory please move, I haven't used this forum in a while so I'm unsure & sorry. I want the 2 sound, brief part of the jaws theme as a notification sound. I don't want it to sound exactly like the movie. Just what it sounds like if one makes the noise with their mouth. If no one knows what I mean I may try uploading a clip of myself doing it later.
  13. How much space do you think that'd take up? I only have 90 something GB free on my solitary SSD
  14. Well what would be ideal is to simply get digital copies of all her old shows. Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy, Leave It To Beaver, My 3 Sons & Gilligan's Island. Even if we could afford that though then we'd also need a new TV & a new stand to put it on. Currently an old CRT in a entertainment center with a square cutout for such so a flat, widescreen wouldn't fit in there. Not to mention she absolutely refuses to have a TV more than 30", so we'd need to pay more for a smaller one that's of lesser quality because not many good brands make em that small.
  15. Most of them are $40 on up, we can't spend that much for something that just might end up eating all her tapes or if the tapes simply fall apart from being so old. The $10 or less remotes I found are the most promising option yet, hopefully the sellers on Amazon get back to me with compatibility.
  16. Well I found some cheap universal remotes that claim to work with VCR's. I'm in progress finding out if they will specifically work with this model Sharp VCR. If not then yeah I'll just try thrift stores again for a VCR with remote. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AQ6XPB8/?coliid=I2T9QRKYNQ8IV5&colid=1KUQ3J3O8PWFO&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BYVHCXC/?coliid=I20NJK7RW847ET&colid=1KUQ3J3O8PWFO&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AQB36YE/?coliid=IPHCSG1AD0X5&col
  17. I encountered the same, I guess because it's considered a vintage/legacy electronic device. They see it in the sense of, this is something richer people with nothing better to do use & not an old lady like my mom who has nothing but VHS tapes lol.
  18. Yup sorry my bad, I'll edit my OP with the correction.
  19. My friend gave me a Sharp Sharp VC-H992U VCR for my mom since she's been wanting one for a while to play her old VHS tapes. There wasn't a remote included but I knew we had an old universal one laying around somewhere. Which we did & it supposedly can work with Sharp VCRs according to it's code list. Unfortunately that's all the documentation we have for the Emerson VT1322/VT1922 remote. I've tried looking online for a user manual on how to program this thing but no luck so far. I'm not dead set on getting it working though, so if any of you know of a good cheap remote that can work with t
  20. Oh, I was just thinking in terms of cosmetic purposes lol. Sony offers some nice official ones but the possibilities of custom have me interested. Although when I designed a custom one, controller chaos quoted me $190 =\.
  21. Thank you so much, I've always preferred PS4 controllers over Xbox for whatever reason my hands get lost on an Xbox lol. Probably because I've never owned one, only a PS2. I rarely use a PS4 except at friends so that's the controller I'll get that way I can use it at home & there. By the way, are custom controllers worth it? I've seen a few sites that do it but I don't know if they're a scam or they offer something legit.
  22. Thanks, what are the custom settings you recomend? I'll wait until it price drops & also, which controller do you recommend? It'd be nice if a PS4 controller would be fine as then I could also use it at my friends house when I play there.
  23. Thank ya both, I'll probably buy it then soon. Not sure if I'll get a controller too or not, friends said I should otherwise driving with the keyboard will be terrible.