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  • Birthday Feb 26, 1991

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    Hiking, Gaming & Automotive
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    Growing up I never had a whole lot of electronics besides my N64 & V-tech wanna-be PC. My basic toys & bike riding were all that I knew until they broke. Being irreplaceable I then turned to junk food for entertainment but that had some bad consequences. Which to this day, years after a diet overhaul I'm still struggling to reverse the damage caused by it. There's a lot I would've done differently regarding that & my computer choices.

    My first giant Gateway PC came late in life, when I was about 15. That outdated machine didn't last long & was once again replaced by another Freebie. An HP Pavilion 513x that I still have in the closet collecting dust haha. Neither of which I used cautiously but I've run a wide range of scans on the HP & all say its clean. With the purchase of my current cheap gaming computer in 2011 I started practicing extremely limited safe browsing. Despite how much of a rip-off this PC was, bad Display Drivers & a PSU fan are the only major issues I've ever had.

    So what does my future hold now? Well I've finally built my own PC & it runs fine but seems that for overclocking I'll eventually need more, better fans & a heatsink. Other than that, I'm just continuously trying to increase my knowledge & hopefully be entirely self-reliant someday. I know perfection is impossible, but in my opinion striving towards it helps minimize downward spirals.
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    Groundskeeper & Upholstery Apprentice


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1500X
  • Motherboard
    MSI B350M Gaming Pro
  • RAM
    16GB G.Skill DDR4 3200
  • GPU
    3GB MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X
  • Case
    Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3
  • Storage
    250GB Samsung 850 EVO
  • PSU
    EVGA G2 550W
  • Display(s)
    Acer V206HQL
  • Cooling
    Nocuta: NH-U14S with an NF-A15 HS-PWM chromax.black.swap + 4 NF-A14 PWM chromax.black.swaps
  • Keyboard
    CM Storm QuickFire Ultimate Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Brown
  • Mouse
    Corsair Katar
  • Sound
    Logitech Speakers + 1 Sub
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Wow despite how closely I thought I looked before, that Sparklight page does list modem only models lol. Now I can get whichever Nighthawk router only I want to pair with it.
  2. Thanks, I'll compare em both now & decide!
  3. All the supported modems sparklight lists are combo units as seen here https://support.sparklight.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009158227-Supported-Cable-Modems-Residential-Only I wanted 2 separate units because then I could get QoS & many other features but I haven't been able to find any listed as compatible with this company. I've checked Amazon & nothing unless I'm just searching for it wrong, suggestions?
  4. After moving & dealing with that mess I found myself having to switch from CenturyLink to Sparklight. The speed increase is nice but I do miss my unlimited data, although that's not currently an issue. I'm renting one of their Hiltron modem/router combos & it's range is just terrible. There also aren't any QoS features & well honestly I'd just rather own my own, preferably by Netgear. Upon browsing Sparklights list of modems & comparing features I've narrowed it down to 3. Unfortunately none of them have QoS, apparently there aren't any cable modem/router combos that do. What a
  5. My mother wants some wireless (wired together) bluetooth IEMS for her Moto e5 Play. Around $25 is her budget but I can kick that up to about $50. She wants the wired together kind so she can take 1 or both out & let them dangle around her neck. Water resistance is a must as she'll be using them during yardwork along with good range. I've found some cheap chinese things on Amazon but I want to know what y'all would recommend.
  6. When I go to Nvidia's site & try downloading new drivers for my 1060 I'm met with this. I got there by clicking on 436.30 via this page after selecting all the proper options. Can someone please tell me where I'm supposed to go now for the latest drivers or is Nvidia's site just having a temp issue?
  7. After updating to Windows 10 Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.295) I encounter the following error every time I log into windows after a shutdown. Classic shell itself works fine after I close that prompt but I'm wondering how I can allow it to update properly like it used to with previous versions of windows.
  8. Tried it & found the tone but sounds the same as what another submitted. I think I just need to make the sound myself or ask someone to.
  9. I'll try it now thanks, if that doesn't work & my ambient noise is too loud to record myself making the tone I want then I may try asking someone here to record it for me if they have a sound proof studio.
  10. Yes that 1!! but less official, more like if someone with a nasally voice said it instead lol. The version of Doom for flip phones many years ago had the exact sound I'm looking for whenever you obtained an item I think.
  11. I'm sorry no, I'm wondering if the sound just exists somewhere in the form of a download intended for app notifications. The actual jaws song is too long, just the 2 syllable first part "baa-na!" I think is how it's spelled is what I want.
  12. If this is in wrong catagory please move, I haven't used this forum in a while so I'm unsure & sorry. I want the 2 sound, brief part of the jaws theme as a notification sound. I don't want it to sound exactly like the movie. Just what it sounds like if one makes the noise with their mouth. If no one knows what I mean I may try uploading a clip of myself doing it later.
  13. How much space do you think that'd take up? I only have 90 something GB free on my solitary SSD