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  1. No where near as sensational as anyone on the YOUTUBE channel. Maybe Linus should make a video sending these screens back to the manufacturer with a note saying its no longer 2016, send some new tech. Even if it would just be for laughs. Thanks all for joining, Id bet king Geek had read this by now, he is after all the KING GEEK OF YOUTUBE.
  2. I think Micro LED might be it however, its just another thing that never arrives. Id love to know what the hurdles of this tech really are, kinda like a light at the end of a tunnel. No matter how happy you are with the state of things right now , IPS had its hay day years ago, OLED is not making it to PC for obious reasons so WTF are we doing for the market??? 500 FPS?????? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Maybe linus gets a stiffy not me. Live on the Fanboy.
  3. I knew Id meet FANBOYS here, opps opposition, Like I said, Im sure Linus could read this shit, and make good sense of it, hes a tech lover like me yet hes conservative and im sure he disagrees on paying 800 for and Nvidea card to make your 4k 300 fps monitors run when it looks similar to the 2k 90 FPS ips panel. Im asking, WHEN IS THE REAL NEW MONITOR TECH COMMING? its been since 2016, I and most other gamers just dont need more FPS its a shame PC monitors looks worse then new I phones, or TVS for that matter.
  4. once you get over 90 fps you minus well stop paying for unnoticed frames. 144fps is splurge, and sure go for it! but thats where it should end. I dont want a 200 fps monitor Ill take deeper blacks though, HDR for starters and yea the next best thing after IPS its been so longgggggg I mean your moms I Phone has better colors then your PC however You can get a better refresh rate! WTF ????
  5. Fine! make that video!!! not 300+ ips/ va panels that no one cares for, its a minute amount of people that have the $ to throw down on the hardware on top of the monitor price, not many care for 300 FPS.
  6. I love IPS man!! dont get me wrong but its time for the next best thing since OLED isnt going to work out for US. IPS has been stagnant since 2016
  7. Im sure linus would get it, but there's a fine line when you HAVE to pump out videos for a living. I want him to know how I feel I hope he gets this
  8. tired of the same crap, celebration of tech i dont need. most high end monitors come with too high fps id care to spend the $$$ for especially on the card end. give us new n better panels
  9. Well when i hooked up my PC to my amazing plasma in 2011 the burn in was real bad, not taking that gamble again with OLED, besides i sit 3 feet away at my PC station , so anything over 30" is no good. Pc monitors have always been on the bleeding edge and PCs are certainly not dead, # Nvidia So wtf is going on? I could care less for a higher refresh rate, yet thats all we been getting for years, especially if I gotta spend $700+ on a card so it can spit out 200 fps that i can barley notice. Give me HDR and 10 bit color, new panel types. Seems like every stupid " OMG LOOK AT MY 300+ fps youtube
  10. i wanted good cans a few years back and bought v moda m100s. Now that i know about headphones that need an amp im wondering how some used 250 ohm T-90 's or something of the sort would compare to what i have now. i figured id ask before buying. would the difference be mind blowing? I have a creative xfi card.
  11. I have both the 25 and 27 inch. They are all around exceptional ! you cant go wrong with the 25 in dell .
  12. btw im using the stereo surround option, not stereo expand. music sounds great, but if i could make these z5500 sounds better im open to it. i thought the 32 dac could improve sound as per many reviews so far. I hear alot of hissing from the card, does yours? could the ae5 be quieter. I also change to headphones and its sounds flat and low!!! cans sound much better on 2.1 speaker setting in audio control panel. any idea why?
  13. i like to hear vocals /out my center, sounds pretty good out of my z5500's. I like to be in the middle of surround , in music, I like clear vocals coming out my center, or movies, and youtube videos games too. how about you? /not a fan of 5.1 systems?
  14. using an Xfi card with my z5500 5.1 Logitech speakers i do have vmoda m100 crossfades as well, simply wondering if this new ae5 card would make my speakers sound any better on my windows 10 pc. I know ill be losing x-fi cmss3d from the xfi card,does the software that converts 2.1 source audio into 5.1 discrete Chanel sound work just as well?
  15. no one really cares what bothers you more, thanks for bringing nothing to the table ARi