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  1. No luck with a new Bios version either.
  2. I kinda was thinking the same, resetting the Bios didn't help. There is a new Bios version, I'll try that, thanks
  3. Hi, I just put together a build using a Gigabyte Z490 Vision D and a 10700 and I have never seen it post to anything but the Bios, it will not recognize my 2 Samsung M.2 but does see my Samsung SSD. I have reinstalled the Heatsink, an Assasin 3 and temps are around 30 now and were the same before. It would not boot at all with 4 sticks of Ram but does with 2 and both are recognized in the Bios, all 4 work fine in another computer and the option to select any kind of boot order is greyed out and can't be opened. I have tried booting to a Windows 10 installation USB but goes to Bios. At this poi
  4. I have a piece of video about 11 minutes long of a wedding on the beach and the wind is so strong that you can't hear a word, I've attached about 10 seconds here and would appreciate any help on removing the noise . I've tried Audacity and it did nothing, I already own Gold Wave but not sure if it will do anything, bought it years ago for making a wav file for converting videos. A paid program is fine but I don't want to buy something and have it a waste of time. Thankyou VTS_01_1.VOB
  5. Pretty sure you're correct and it is a W10 64 bug, I have the same issue with Windows showing 25% of my RAM unusable and there are numerous posts around the net from others with the same issue but no answer. Won't be easy but going back to W7 seems to be the only fix.
  6. I've been going through almost exactly the same situation only, in my case it's 25% out of 32 G. Resource Monitor shows it as hardware reserved and, so far, I've found that there should be a listing for Memory Remapping that can be changed in the Bios; I don't see it in my Bios but I've read that some Bios settings may be hidden and you may need to contact the MB manufacturer. Seems a quite common occurrence with not much info on it, anyway, hope this helps.
  7. About 590 bucks with tax and shipping here in Canada. One of the main reasons I bought it was it was the only one I could find with a Dual Bios (looks pretty good, too), otherwise, Asrock for me. Funny they didn't have that, they usually do.
  8. Diskpart was the Cmd prompt I used that would select the drive but couldn't clean it. And, there's the answer, my install media was not working. I had come to the conclusion that a new drive probably wouldn't change anything and that i more than likely had fubarred a pricey MB and a Samsung 960 NVME when I realized the drive wasn't the problem, there were no options in the Bios that should be and even though I had the latest Bios and the MB had a Dual Bios (one of the reasons I bought it, waste of money, Gigabyte), I reflashed the same Bios version I already had and everything w
  9. I'll give that a shot, thanks. No go there, weird thing, though. Cmd prompt would select the disk but wouldn't clean it and my monitor would shut down if I disconnected all other drives. Don't know what I did but I did it good. Probably pick up a cheap HDD that's never been used and see how that goes.
  10. Easy on me, I already realize what an idiot I was. A few days ago, I made a post regarding 25% of my RAM that was missing in Windows 10 but showing as intalled in the Bios and in my infinite wisdom, went into Msconfig>Boot>Advanced and enabled all my RAM and rebooted, no problem. Of course, it defaulted to 0 RAM but was still enabled and the next boot resulted in the error you see below. Hauled out my trusty Acronis True Image and restored to before this event ever occurred. Restore completed normally but still got same error. Thought to reinstall from USB but USB not recognized in Bios,
  11. I installed 1 kit per side, no problems installing that way in the past. I'll check my GPU,
  12. I'll check but don't think it's that, I'm using a Noctua Nh-U14S TR and they're pretty hard to mess up. Could be the fans, they may be exerting too much pressure sitting on the RAM.
  13. Don't feel bad, I bought alot from NCIX over the years and pretty much redeemed them for points and a little cash.
  14. It does show 32 as installed but only 24 available.