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  1. Afterburner worked just fine. Thank you! Now I have a custom fan curve that actually works
  2. Could I leave Radeon Software alone and it won't interfere with other fan controlling apps?
  3. I have tried everything but it just doesn't work as I'm telling it to. Radeon settings ignore when I tell them what to do with a custom fan curve. It doesn't matter what I do.The software randomly report peaks of usage and 80% of VRAM usage when I don't have games open (only Spotify, 2 diff browsers, calculator and email on 2 monitors ). Is there any way I can set the settings how I want?
  4. I have one MSI 144 Hz and one AOC 75 Hz. First one is connected trought display port (eventhough it comes with a HDMI cable in the box), second one is using HDMI. Everything works fine until the displays go into sleep mode, when I move the mouse or press a key to awake the monitors, AMD drivers freak out and after a while it works but it somehow restarts some of the settings, like refresh rate to 60 Hz. Is there anything I can do to improve this situation?
  5. I'm buying at my local store and these are my options for an NVME SSD with about 500 GB of capacity and also with DRAM buffer. The RGB one looks pretty good, however if I get significantly better performance from what of the others, I'd prefer that instead. I'm currently using a GX1 from Teamgroup which has no DRAM buffer and is only 120 GB. I also have the option to buy a Patriot Burst which is SATA and has 32 MB of DRAM buffer for quite a bit lower price. Which drive would you guys go for? PATRIOT VIPER VPN100 512GB (NVME) ADATA XPG SPECTRIX S40G RGB 512 GB (NVME) ADATA XPG GAM
  6. Update on the situation: it seems to be a driver issue. I did a clean install of the latest recommended driver 20.9.1 using DDU to uninstall the problematic driver 20.9.2 (this driver was a beta or optional one). Performance of the card improved somehow.
  7. My PC was suffering of some artifacts and crashing (computer restart) in the recent days, the apparent cause was the 20.9.2 amd driver. I found a number of people reporting the same or a similar issue within the last week. I made a post about it. Anyway, I used DDU to erase the drivers and proceded with a clean install, the issue seems to be gone. I haven't had any crashes while testing with 3D mark Timespy, Timespy Extreme, Forza Horizon 4, Control, Dota 2... What I find interesting is that I got more performance out of no where, I was consistently averaging 72 FPS on the benchmark of Forza
  8. That's not my card, it's another person post with a similar issue this week
  9. 20.9.2 was an optional driver. I just used DDU and installed the last known stable driver (20.9.1). Lets see what happens. I wish AMD fixed their drivers for once, lets hope that was the cause. About OC settings, I never use them, I only made 1 profile for Horizon Zero Dawn and played some hours but that was it.
  10. Searching in Google a little bit, it seems that it might be an issue related to the latest driver. There are 2 stories of people with the same issue or a very similar one, on Polaris GPUs. I have overclocked my GPU on a profile for certain demanding games: 1420 MHz on the core and 2100 MHz on the memory. The thing is, that I practically never use those settings, cuz my most played game is Dota 2, in which I don't need the OC at all. Could it be that the memory overheated when overclocking?
  11. This has just started happening to me this week as well. It could be a driver issue, lets hope that's it. Otherwise, our GPUs are in their last days.
  12. Look at the image attached. This has happened to me twice, once when starting Dota 2 and the other when starting the system. I'm on the latest 20.9.2 AMD recommended driver. After an apparent driver crash, I waited to see what would happen and the system restarted itself. I have an RX 570 4 GB from MSI
  13. This is a build I am planning for my aunt's son. It will be use for education purposes mainly and a little bit of gaming (not hardcore AAA games or anything like that). The PSU is tier D on the PSU Tier List and I wonder if it would be fine in the long term, I don't want my aunt to have any issues with the system. Also, this was the cheapest AM4 motherboard I could find, it will be use on full stock settings aside for the XMP profile, will it be fine after some years down the line?. I am not from USA hence I can't use any other parts or deals that you may think are better. PCPartPicker Pa