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    Nallown got a reaction from Barnack in High-end Membranes vs. Low-end Mechanicals(Keyboard)   
    To me it sounded like as if you're about to code the explanation to him, just for that reason I will do it.
    String prefs;public static void main(String[] args){prefs = System.getProperty("user.keyboardprefs");System.out.println(prefs.toString()+" is better");}
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    Nallown got a reaction from D3MON in is there anything better for this price £770   
    I use XFX my self and there isn't much wrong with it. People claim that that one manufacture is better then another which may be true but those difference are so small in performance that it really won't matter.
    It's not like you'll be getting a 10fps boost by choosing another manufacturer with the same specs GPU, it may only make it cooler depending on the manufacturer but other then that it won't matter by much at all.
    If you really a performance boost then I'd say get a cheaper CPU and spend more on the GPU. That CPU won't be giving you any boost whats so ever compared to a GPU upgrade.
    Otherwise I'd say that you could get possibly a smaller case and you'd be saving money on it.
    Also have a look around, it is possible to get windows for free and it doesn't always have to be specifically pirated. Some schools tend to give it away and also have a look at the dreamspark project, they give you a free legal copy of pretty much any windows software including OS's
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    Nallown got a reaction from terrytek in So excited!   
    The difference a line can make 0.0
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    Nallown got a reaction from Tech_Dreamer in So excited!   
    The difference a line can make 0.0
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    Nallown got a reaction from Corvus in So excited!   
    The difference a line can make 0.0
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    Nallown got a reaction from amorassofpixelz in So excited!   
    The difference a line can make 0.0
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    Nallown got a reaction from TheGuyNL in 50% off Life Time VPS   
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    Nallown got a reaction from TheGuyNL in 50% off Life Time VPS   
    Not so sure how well it would perform as a VPN lemme check it's actual bandwidth right now and I'll give you a update.
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    Nallown got a reaction from TheGuyNL in 50% off Life Time VPS   
    If you guys are looking for a 100% free VPS with no sideshots or anything like that then give haphost a try.
    It defintely isn't something you can run in production but, hey! It's a 100% free VPS with no sideshots or identity verification and not even credit card verification.
    They don't ask for anything apart from just your: Name, Email, Username and country.
    I've still got a VPS running under their name and I've had a account with them for about 3 years now.
    There is no reason to signup for this. It would only take you about 3 minutes to get that free VPS.
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    Nallown got a reaction from DigitalHermit in Experiences with non-techies   
    Funny enough the worst experience I had with non techies was probably in a hardware store.
    Here is why.
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    Nallown got a reaction from MC_loud in My experience at a hardware store   
    So I went to the local hardware warehouse store and some very bad stuff happened.
    Let's just say that it was horrible.
    > Green Text version thanks to @Mooshi http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/224006-my-experience-at-a-hardware-store/?p=3068574
    Here it goes.
    So I've been planning on getting a new triple monitor setup for a while now and since I saw a few monitors on a huge
    sale I was considering on buying them but then I found a few better available choices on sale. When it came to placing
    the order it went successfully but then after I proceeded with the payment I received a email stating that they went
    out of stock so I chose to get a refund and instead look for some other choices.
    When I found a few other options I considered on getting one of the choices that I discovered but the one that I was
    planning on getting had a silver bezel which would have stand out because of my furniture and gadgets being black.
    So I thought let's go and look in store what they had, and this is where the fun happened.
    So I went to the closest big warehouse stores that specify in computer hardware and luckily there were 3 of them near
    each other so I thought that I would have walked away with something useful at least, not specifically a monitor but
    some information or tips to look out for.
    Well...... I was wrong.
    So I chose to go to the nearest one first which I knew would have had something good in stock and so I entered the shop.
    From the first look it seemed like a bad choice but I thought let's look deeper and maybe I'd be able to find
    something at the back which I did. There were a few pretty good looking monitors in stock but non of them met my
    requirements of at least having DVI input, 23-24" in size, and having a IPS or PLS panel so I went and asked one of the
    sales assistants for whether they had any suggestions or they'd recommend something else over these requirements well
    they had nothing to say.
    First person I walked up to seemed like a good listener so I expected him to at least know what I was talking about well
    I was wrong, again.
    Right after I finished explaining to him what my requirements were he said "have you looked on the website?"
    and I said "Yes I did but I thought I'd come and have a look in store my self and see what you guys would have have in
    stock and what you'd recommend."
    So he ended up showing me the available monitors and specifically pointed out one of the out standing monitors
    from Samsung. So I mentioned that the Samsung monitor did seem to look good but it neither supports DVI or Displayport
    and also doesn't have a VESA mount so he mentioned that to find out whether it does or doesn't support those things I
    should have a look at the back of the monitors. So he turned around the monitor and the Alarm went on. The people in
    store looked at me as if I did something wrong so I looked away with my face down since I don't tend to like attention.
    The sales assistant finally went and got the key to turn off the alarm so it stopped. I said "don't worry about it, it's
    fine accidents do tend to happen." and he said "That's true let's just leave that alone." So I had enough of his
    bullshit since he was no help and also he didn't seem to know a thing about monitors, not even the basics of panel
    types so I chose to walk up to another sales assistant and hoping that he'd know what I was talking about.
    Well that person seemed to try and avoid me by going up to other people and asking them whether they'd need any help
    while I was following him so I had enough of him and stepped right in front of him and said "O, hey there would you mind
    quickly helping me out" since luckily the person he tried to walk up to said that he's willing to wait and that he should
    help me out first he finally chose to listen to me.
    I explained to him my situation and what I'm looking for and he kept on asking me the same questions over and over
    again. These questions included things such as what screen size are you looking at, what manufacturer (which I said I
    didn't care about as long as they meet my requirements) and also what I was going to be using it for.
    After finally answering those questions over and over again and he finally got it he went to the warehouse computer and
    typed in the following on their website 'monitor 24" in black'.
    I'm not so sure but I don't think that their site allows you to sort by colour or even recognizes what colour the product
    is but I didn't say anything. As expected the results were empty and he said that they don't have anything in stock...
    Right behind me at that time there were soo many black 24" monitors and he chose to accept the results available on the
    site!? What is he!!?? Stupid!?
    I'm going to be honest and I think that the only reason he did that was to try and get rid of me because I don't
    think that anyone would be this stupid and especially if they would be working in retail.
    So I thought alright I've had enough let's try another store and chose to "accept" what he said so I said thank you
    The second big hardware warehouse that I tried was only 100ft away so I ended up walking to it.
    When I entered, it looked pretty much the same, everything was in the same format only at different positions.
    I walked up to the monitor section and asked the person standing there the same question. He ended up admitting that
    he had no clue what I was talking about and that he only got hired externally on behalf of Asus to advertise their
    products so he told me to go and see a specific person who probably knew the most in that category but the person was
    busy at that time so I ended up waiting. While I was waiting I had a talk with the guy and he seemed like a really nice
    person, he told me what his original job role is, what he specializes in and even showed me some of the stuff that he
    created. Of which most were pretty cool. He turned out to be a industrial manufacturer for Asus and also does photography
    in his free time which I thought to be really cool.
    The person he recommended to go and see finally was free so I went up to her. I explained to her what I needed what I was
    looking for and she just seemed confusd aswell. I'm not joking but I think I started to see tears coming out of her
    She told me that they had nothing in stock under my requirements and walked away up to somebody else.
    I had enough and chose to leave it out and just order my monitors online instead. I find it redicolous that such
    people get employed as sales assistants to recommend products to people. No wonder why people end up blaming the
    manufactures for distributing bad products probably because they get recommended the wrong products under their
    I don't exactly blame the sales assistants as they don't know what's coming up but I would blame the reqruitment
    department as they get the wrong people for the wrong role.
    You should not be hiring somebody who doesn't know the basics of a search engine to recommend products to other people and
    neither should you be hiring somebody who would tell you to   twist the monitor and look at the back of it to see whether
    they support the features.
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    Nallown reacted to Trik'Stari in My experience at a hardware store   
    The sad thing is, they could employ some 16-20 year old from these forums, with no formal training, and they'd probably perform better, likely any one of you.
    The alarm going off it pretty bad.
    Who in the fuck puts a touch alarm on a monitor? It's a display product, chain it down and let people be able to look at the back of it for fucks sake.
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    Nallown reacted to Mooshi in My experience at a hardware store   
    Green text edition!
    >Make plans for triple monitor set-up
    >Nice selection on sale
    >Get email because out of stock
    >Get refund and look at more monitors
    >Find one, but it has a silver bezel that sticks out
    >Go to store to see what's in stock
    >Check out big warehouse 
    >Head to closest one to see if something good is in stock
    >Enter the shop feeling not so hopeful
    >Head to back and find monitors
    >None met requirements
    >Ask a sales rep for suggestions
    >Reps completely clueless
    >Explain to first rep the situation with criteria
    >Rep had no idea what was being talked about
    >Shows off a Samsung monitor
    >Monitor lacks DVI and Displayport 
    >Rep mentions it lacks VESA mounts
    >Turned monitor around to check
    >Everyone is staring
    >nope.avi didn't happen look away
    >Rep shuts down alarm
    >Apologize, Rep wants things to be left alone
    >Holy balls Batman these reps aren't helpful
    >Try to talk to another rep
    >Rep completely ignores me to talk to others
    >Walk in front of rep to get some assistance
    >Explain situation
    >Rep is stuck on repeat asking the same questions over and over
    >I just want a monitor that fits what I'm looking for pls
    >Rep searches "monitor 24" in black" on warehouse computer
    >Site doesn't recognize colour as a searchable option
    >'we don't have anything in stock...'
    >Behind me were many 24" black monitors yet he chose to accept website results
    >Head to a new store and accept this team of reps to be a lost cause
    >"Thank you"
    >Walk up to monitor section and ask new rep for suggestions
    >Rep doesn't know about monitor tech
    >Only got the job because of Asus to advertise their products
    >Get redirected to a specialist
    >Chat it up with rep while waiting
    >Guy turns out to be pretty cool and he discussed his old job role
    >Original role is industrial manufacturer for Asus who does photography in the free time.
    >Specialist is finally free
    >Explain to her about my monitor criteria
    >Think I see tears coming out of her eyes
    >Told nothing in stock matched criteria and walked away
    >Ponder how these assistants even get employment to be recommending products
    >Will only order monitors online from now on
    >No wonder people end up blaming bad products due to bad suggestions
    >Recruitment should really hire those who are actually qualified and knowledgeable 
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    Nallown got a reaction from oc0110 in Need help with C language   
    Look up the basics of C. Those are very simple questions.
    I'd say look up the equation online and then it wouldn't be too hard to build it in C.
    http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial/ - This should teach you the C basics for the first, second and thirt question
    http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/cmath/sqrt/ - This should help you with your 2nd question. I know that this is a C++ reference but it's the same in C. C++ is basically C with the ability to create Objects.
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    Nallown reacted to Aho in Improving as a Web Developer   
    I would stay away from Bootstrap and just about all other front-end frameworks, at least for now. Generally, they're bloated with crap you will never use and restrict your design choices.
    Take a little while longer with HTML and CSS; understand how a browser takes the markup, renders it, and applies styling. HTML5 elements such as <article> and <section> are frequently misused, so take some time to make sure you understand and can create semantic markup. It's important to SEO and the organization of your page's content.
    CSS can also get more complicated with many features from the new CSS3 standards that allow for more creation of interactive content that was previously done using JavaScript. I would take some time to learn those, as well.
    I would also suggest taking a look at SASS in combination with Compass after you feel comfortable with CSS. It's a "preprocesser" for CSS that adds many programming-like features to stylesheets. One of the most important problems it solves is DRY (don't repeat yourself), which is highly prevalent in plain CSS. For example, if you have multiple elements on a page that should be red, instead of defining "background: #FF0000;", you could define a variable "$some_elements_color: #FF0000;" and use "background: $some_elements_color;". This dramatically increases the maintainability of your stylesheets, especially when they get even bigger. SASS also contains mixins (essentially functions you define to output some CSS) so you could easily define a media query mixin such as:
    @mixin mq($min, $max){  @if $max == null  {    @media only screen and (min-width: $min)    {      @content;    }  }  @[member=ElsePants] if $min == null  {    @media only screen and (max-width: $max)    {      @content;    }  }  @[member=ElsePants]  {    @media only screen and (min-width: $min) and (max-width: $max)    {      @content;    }  }}   and call "@include mq(some_min_width or null, some_max_width or null) { // properties }" every time you needed a media query instead of using the long standard way. There are even actual functions in SASS that can take input and return some output. SASS, coupled with Compass, will save your life as a web UI designer/developer.   As you can see, there is a lot to learn in HTML and CSS and I don't believe 1-2 weeks is truly enough to grasp it all.   Regarding the PHP/SQL/Rails concern...it really depends on what you want to build. PHP or Rails, coupled with SQL (some sort of RDB), will allow you to create web applications that generate the HTML front-end with dynamic content. For example, if you wanted to create a forum such as this, you would need a language like PHP or framework like Rails. PHP is a server-side language and Rails is a server-side framework built with Ruby; you will need a web server to handle requests to these applications.   Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JS engine that allows you to build "real-time", asynchronous applications. Unlike traditional web apps built on a framework such as Rails, Node.js doesn't wait for an action to complete; it instead uses callback functions that are triggered when the action emits an "event." If the action was to find a record in a database, for example, it could emit an event "found" and pass the user record to the callback function for the "found" event or "notFound" and pass the error back to the callback function for the "notFound" event. Node's event loop and EventEmitter is extremely useful for an application like a chat box which has constantly changing content.    If you're simply looking to design websites, just focus on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With JavaScript, look at some of the MVC front-end frameworks; Ember, Angular, Backbone, etc...those are what the industry seems to be moving towards. Of course, you should learn the language first before diving into any framework.   Hopefully that gives you some insight into the web development world; it's definitely a fun place to be.
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    Nallown got a reaction from darth_bubbles in How can I display all the cases in a switch statement?   
    what you'd do is have the switch states seperate from the cases, I'm not sure what language you're trying to get this done in but if it is in java then you can use enum to store the states in and instead of hardcoding the states in you could load it from the enum.
    When you moved away from hardcoded states you could just list from the enum instead by going through them and outputing them.
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    Nallown reacted to LukeTim in Bad, terrible or simply funny code examples   
    There's nothing wrong with it.
    It is VERY Object Oriented and heavily depends upon that paradigm... And I guess maybe that puts some people off. Not everyone is into that sort of thing.
    It's not all that difficult. Java is what I mostly learnt with. I would have no problems recommending it to a beginner.
    And I am a professional "coder".
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    Nallown got a reaction from alpenwasser in Creating a proper JSON file with PHP   
    Have a look at json_encode. That should give you some ideas on how to generate a json file properly and why you're getting these slashes.
    The way you'd be getting rid of these slashes is by disabling the by default enabled escaped slashes, I would recommend you to have it enabled since this would avoid interferences with quotes. If you still choose to wanting to disable the escaped slashes then you can do so in the json_encode function by parsing JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES after the data.
    So you would have
    json_encode($data, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES); So the idea behind generating the json data correctly is to obtain values from essentially an array and have that parsed into a json object. This then would be returned as a string and then you'd be able to echo it out depending on the values.
    so for example you may obtain information from a get request and use that to dependently display information related to the values parsed in the get request.
    So you'd have a php file with some values, these values could be anything from an dynamic to a static value. Just literally anything.
    $fromPHPdocs = array('a' => 1, 'b' => 2, 'c' => 3, 'd' => 4, 'e' => 5); These values would then be parsed into the json_encode function which would obtain that data and convert it into a correct json object. This would be done simply like so.
    json_encode($fromPHPdocs); The json_encode method itself returns the json object as a string, so you'd either have to store it into a variable or which I'd recommend you to do is to directly echo it out once you'd done obtaining the data.
    This would be very straight forward to do so and I believe that you'd know how to do this and if you don't then you simply do as following.
    echo json_encode($fromPHPdocs); If you were to echo this correctly then you'd have the following results after accessing the php page {"a":1,"b":2,"c":3,"d":4,"e":5}
    And ofcourse like I were saying, this data can be dynamically generated so if you were to parse dynamic values into the array then you'd have a different output coming from the php page depending on the values parsed and also like I was saying you'd be able to implement this with a get request so you'd have the dynamic data vary depending on the values parsed in the get request.
    So for example if you were to obtain the values listOfLetters, maximumValue in the get request like so https://localhost.com/thePHPfileGeneratingJSON.php?listOfLetters=a+c+e&maximumValue=3
    Then you could have the php file obtain these values and use them to dynamically generate the json data and echo it.
    If you were to use these values correctly and only list the mentioned characters and mentioned maximum values then you would have it just return {"a":1, "c":3}
    So the idea was that you toke these values and only displayed the mentioned Letters and only showed values up to the mentioned maximum value.
    If you don't know how to use get request then read up on it since it's very useful especially when generating a JSON file 
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    Nallown got a reaction from Ciccioo in Teach Yourself Java in 7 Days   
    fun fact around a week ago I found that article aswell but haven't got to reading it and today I was planning on reading it and then suddenly I see it here!
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    Nallown reacted to csmith1991 in [PHP & JavaScript][Help Needed] Live Chat   
    This. The limitation to HTML5 is that it requires a more modern browser (in this case IE10+). Not only this, but there's example code out there how to do this. Just search for websockets php chat tutorial, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of resources. A quick search found this. I can't speak for its quality, but probably worth looking into.
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    Nallown got a reaction from WanderingFool in Java Applet, how to make a text box after clicking a button   
    There are different ways of doing this
    1 way would be to have the textbox always there and set it hidden by default and visible on button click like so:
    // on initsomeTextbox.setVisible(false);// on button action peforomedsomeTextbox.setVisible(true); another way would be to add() the textbox not on init but instead on button action performed which I believe you should know how to do
    I'd use add()only once, so lets say if you were to make the textbox appear only on button click and you won't be making it disappear ever again.
    If you were to make the textbox disappear after you make it appear then I'd recommend using someComponent.setVisible() instead.
    So preferably you'd only use add() once otherwise if you were to make the component appear/disappear multiple times so like[onclick, appear. again? disappear. again? appear. again? disappear...] then you would change the visibility instead.
    Just in case for the action performed part you'd do as following
    someButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {// set textbox visible }});
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    Nallown got a reaction from LukeTim in [PHP & JavaScript][Help Needed] Live Chat   
    Instead of using settimeout you could use setInterval which would set the refresh interval of a certain command execution.
    so it would look like something like this.
    window.setInterval(function() {// retrieve and update messages}, 1200);// 1200 is the refresh rate in milliseconds, so this would make the panel refresh every 1.2 seconds I wouldn't recommend refreshing the content though or calling on a certain event every x seconds since this would refresh without an unnecessary reason so even when something hasn't updated it would refresh the pane to update the content. Even if you were to have keep-alive enabled this would still be an inefficient solution.
    Instead I'd recommend using something such as HTML5 socket which would allow you to setup a server and have a open connection which data gets send from such as messages. So you would directly receive a messages when there is one instead of refresh to check for new messages and then show if it is new.
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    Nallown reacted to DarrenP in What is the proper software for making 3D logos?   
    i would personally use Blender :http://www.blender.org/
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    Nallown got a reaction from fringie in Free 1 Day delivery for 6 Months | Amazon UK   
    Amazon is offering free 1 Day delivery to student from UK for 6 Months and after this period of time you'll be receiving 50% discount on prime which would mean that it'll only cost you £40 a year.

    For more information go to www.amazon.co.uk/gp/student/signup/info/
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    Nallown got a reaction from Heisenbleurgh in Is this a good wristrest   
    well I've gotta say, that wrist wrest doesn't seem very comfortable. main reason I like mine is because of the angle it slowly lowers my wrist down where as that one looks like it'll keep your wrist at the same height of your keyboard so your arm will land down at a weird angle since it doesn't slowly move down in an angle.
    quick mspaint drawing explaining what I mean