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  1. ok after some more testing i've narrowed the problem down to the safe boot not liking one of my usb hubs, this wasn't an issue with my old mbo since it was too old for safe boot lol
  2. i mean i have an ssd and two hdds on 1 and 2 tb but i doubt that should be enough to make the system slow, especially since i had no issues with these drives on my previous z97 mbo from msi. the boot drive was also completely wiped and got a clean wininstall ofcourse. i also have the newest bios from asus.
  3. i recently built a new computer with an asus rog b460-f motherboard and it literally spends 2-3 mins on the rog asus splash screen before it blinks and goes into the actual uefi boot screen and boots up. i'm running the latest bios, my ram should be fine and i have it set up with the xmp profile it should use, and i didn't have these issues using the same usb devices and ssd/hdds in my previous build. so i don't really understand why i'm having these issues. has anyone had some similar type of problem? any tips for fixing?
  4. i5 4690k and a msi z97 gaming 5 motherboard (so stoked) plus money, socks and some other stuff
  5. just got my h440 yesterday, so i thought i would upload some photos.