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    i7-4770k @stock
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  1. Problem was fixed for me by changing the bitrate/samplerate to 16/48khz -- my audio driver set it to 24/96khz by default. Hope this helps anyone who happens on this thread like I did.
  2. https://dolphin-emu.org/compat/ If you take the Perfect and Playable titles together that's 84%, which is very impressive and damn close to 90%. Most of the titles haven't been checked in 4 months, and with how fast the development has been going and the dev's focus on emulation accuracy it's probably even better.
  3. The basic model doesn't have the rotation though.
  4. Really glad No Man's Sky is releasing on PC at the same time as PS4.
  5. On their website it looks like it's an optional add-on that you have to pay more $$ for. http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/driving-force-shifter
  6. Damn it! I haven't even been able to assemble the one I ordered at the last drop because I've been away from home, and now they come out with an improved version with more switch options. *Waves fist menacingly.*
  7. That still doesn't stop game devs from using third party .dll's and such that are platform specific.
  8. These have been gone from DigitalRiver for quite a while now.
  9. Who carries $5k in cash in their car and leaves it unlocked? At least that's what the wording in the source implies.
  10. Go ahead and set a global cap in Nvidia Inspector. I hope you like doing that every time you restart your computer, because that's what you'll end up doing.