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  1. Thank you for the reply. I've entered into BIOS mode and it would seem like the option Bluetooth is still there and is still at "UnLock" state. So what should I do next since in BIOS it is still unlocked but the system can't detect it has Bluetooth?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am not so sure where in the BIOS I can change the settings with since there are only so limited things to change and not a lot affects bluetooth I think. The Bluetooth section does appear when I turn on view hidden devices before I removed Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R), but now that I have deleted it, I can't even see the section when viewing hidden devices, I've tried to install new drivers from intel's website to install back the drive but it doesn't seemed to have worked, I used this website for your reference: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/a
  3. So, I was about to turn on my Bluetooth to connect it with my controller and suddenly I realized it was blinking but not connected, and then I go into the Bluetooth settings and found out all of the Bluetooth peripherals are showing the message "Bluetooth is not On", and then I started searching and think the driver maybe corrupted. So, I tried to delete the driver and reinstalling it, and then I deleted one of the items called "Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R)" and it got worst, the Bluetooth functions seems to have completely evaporated. Then, I tried to find the intel wireless Bluetooth drive
  4. Ohh it's Hong Kong Dollar :D, $7.7 HKD = $1 USD
  5. Both are in stock in my region. The Nvidia 2060 costs around $2699 and $2950 for the Super version. The 5600XT costs 2350 here.
  6. During all these chaos happening in the world, COVID and Miners, it's literally impossible to buy the 30 series card, and I don't see it becoming available within this year, but I wanted to build a PC this year, so after all my research, I've come to this question. Should I buy the more stable 2060S or AMD's last gen 5600XT boi? Also, I would love to know whether or not did the BIOS updates over the years make the 5600XT more stable? Thanks. P.S. 5600XT cost $50 less in my region.
  7. Yeah I took a look at it, the node 202 supports a graphics card's maximum dimension to be 310x145x47 mm, and the Gigabyte is like L=279.85 W=114.35 H=49.55 mm, so it's just like 2.5mm, can it fit because it's so close
  8. I was just researching around and saw that the rx5700xt indeed have better values than the nvidia cards, so I was just wondering whether a GIGABYTE RX 5700 XT OC 8G would fit in a node 202? IF not, is there any good itx case with good airflow you would recommend?
  9. Just a quick question, does the Acer aspire 3 include a thunderbolt 3?
  10. I am currently using my very old Mac book Air Mid 2012 bought on 2012. This problem has been around for a few months now but it got worsen day by day, it's currently taking 10 mins to load in the main page from booting up my computer, however it's not yet fully awake yet, the mouse is laggy flying all over the screen, every action I take took for example clicking right click took 10 seconds to pop the text out out what can I do?
  11. I'm getting in to the university soon, should I buy the Intel Skull Canyon nuc with external graphics card or a Dell Inspiron 7577?
  12. I'm just an ordinary student, and my Mac book Air 2012 is wearing off pretty quick and the battery is straight off dead now, I'm still researching for the perfect laptop for my usage, little bit of audio editing and lots of gaming at 1080p for 60fps would be appreciated, I Hope it's portable But I'm not really sure that should I save up my money to buy the latest Razer blade stealth 2017 or buy a cheaper alternative but Razer stealth is a bit over budget for now Helpppp.
  13. Overwatch 1080 p hopefully hitting 80 fps and max resolution and some 1080p triple titles as well like tomb raiders
  14. I'm looking for a laptop that have a 13 inch would be great, 1080p would be fine with a i5 and can support some titles gaming and graphics job for example rendering