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  1. Have not been home to test it yet, However after a little research I do not believe it is DSR because the resolutions in the game setting menus has remains 1080p aswell as me still getting bad performance in furmark, I could be wrong, and will def look when I am home. But would you see the resolution option in the game menus if DSR was turned on?
  2. Also, is DSR per game, or and overall setting
  3. I'm pretty sure yah, it was on all low settings, as far as other games I can try ds3 later swell as dota and take a look
  4. Also does it sometimes come enabled out of the box? Because i have reinstalled drivers and windows
  5. Alright so you can't** just switch it off you just have to adjust the resolution? Also I am experiencing this issue in all games so not sure if that makes a difference.
  6. HOLY COW that would make so much sense. I will check that IMMEDIATELY, is that in the nvidia settings??
  7. If something was overultilizing wouldn't it show at idle to?
  8. I am not, but would an OC cause lower fps?
  9. I wanted to add to this that when not in game the gpu is around 0% and is very cool.
  10. Ok I will do that tonight and report back, Thank you very much!
  11. The room its in gets decently warm yah, Is 1860 in game and ok speed? for a 1080 fe? It wasn't getting this hot before, max I saw it at was like 60-65. I will try all of these things when I get home tonight and report back! AND WEW its nice to hear someone doesn't thinks its shot, I was scared haha, I would think that if a card was bad I would see more issue than just performance?
  12. Ok will try this when I get home and report back. The temps were not this high before this started, they would sit around 60 C max in games. and only slightly above that at load.
  13. Ok will do this when I get home and report back. I unistalled and reinstalled windows fresh, and that didn't seems to do anything either /: