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  1. Ok thanks, not sure how water would get in, i'll check if the warrenty covers it
  2. Hi i just saw today this weird problem with my monitor, i don't really know how to say it, it's like a lighter color on the top left, any idea what's wrong with my monitor? I've had this monitor for about 9 months now, its the Asus VG27BQ Any help would be great thanks
  3. I've Been Wanting to Change My Phone For A While Now, Was Looking At The S10+ But Didn't Really Like The Pill Hole On The Screen The OnePlus Has A 90Hz Screen But The S11 Should Have That And The OnePlus Doesn't Have Wireless Charging Which I Use Quite A Bit But I Could Just Plug It In Was Wondering If I Should Just Buy The OnePlus 7T Pro Or wait For The S11 How Is The Camera Of The OnePlus Compared To Samsung? Do You Think The S11 Will Have a All-Screen Display Or Have a Cutout Again?
  4. Yes I Already Have The Card But Haven't Bought The Aio Cooler Yet
  5. Will a Zotac Rtx 2080 Ti Amp Extreme and a Corsair H150i Fit in a FRACTAL DESIGN DEFINE MESHIFY C Case? It's Quite a Short Case So I Was Wondering If I Put The Rad In The Front Of The Case Will The Gpu Fit? If Not Could You Recommend a Case Thanks For The Help