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  1. Or maybe would a sandy bridge system still keep up with current modern games and some light photoshop and video editing? Heres the specs Intel Core i7-2600 MOBO Biostar TH61A LGA1155 8GB 1333mhz ram 120 Kingston Value SSD 500GB WD blue HDD MSI power edition GTX 650
  2. Cooler I might go for a Corsair H80i v2 and storage will go for a 120GB SSD for OS and a used HDD for others but nevermind. The motherboard is out of stock. Will go for a Asus P6T and 32GB DDR3 RAM if possible.
  3. If I were you, I would go for Intel Xeon X5650 and a ASUS P6T mobo They both are cheap, below 200USD
  4. Hmm I found this deal on ebay Foxconn Renaissance LGA1366 for about 30USD including shipping fees. ----> Seems Legit Maybe pair it with a Intel X5650 for 30USD as well including shipping fees. 4X8GB RAM for 110USD including shipping fees. Lastly, a Corsair CX650M PSU. Would all this work and total about 250USD which is right around my budget. The reason why I chose Intel X5650 is because it has similar specs to I7 5820K except less clockspeed but thats fine.
  5. I see, but would it be able to run and host a few servers fine?
  6. Woops no idea bout that. Thanks for the info tho
  7. If you plan to overclock, X370 and B350 Motherboard will be fine, if you dont plan to overclock, A320 is enough. If you plan to do a SLI or Crossfire setup, X370 are the only motherboards that support those. For a set of 16GB 3200MHz Kit, X370 will be more suitable as upgrading in the future will be more easier but Linus has made a video about the speed of the ram and in conclusion, MHz doesn't really matter. But if you insist to go with that speed or you have already with you, go ahead, I'm not judging. Hope this helps!
  8. Hmm, it's kinda over my budget, my budget is maximum 300USD probably. Any Specs to recommend?